September 27th, 2018

27 September

Watched a film last night, whilst eating chocolate, all cocooned in Dave. Tintin thought it would be a good idea to try out the lights before we went to bed, as we haven’t driven at night yet. Some poor person got a shock, as our lights lit up a car in front of us, our alarm went off too, as Tintin didn’t disarm before turning on the ignition. Will leave trying the lights for another day!

I think it’s fair to say that I have never heard wind like it was last night. Quiet, then built up and up, noisy, and rocked poor Dave. Fair to say I didn’t sleep too well - again! It was also really warm, even with the roof hatches open and a gale blowing in occasionally. Also heard a few clunks with tree debris falling on Dave.

Decided we’d go to San Sebastián today. Tintin drove, no problem with the big open roads, bit more hairy in the roundabout after roundabout, with pedestrian crossings and traffic lights everywhere. Only took about 30 minutes. However, Spain was against us - as the Aire was closed! No others in the area, so moved onto:

Zarautz - N43°16.672’ W002°10.212’ - free

Described as a disappointing Aire between motorway and industrial park, suffers constant noise. Not very salubrious, however, sea and main resort only 2km away. After the same lunch as yesterday, thank goodness for still having McVities digestives!, Tintin got the bikes out and off we went.

Only 1.5 miles bike ride and we were at the beach. And what a beach it was! Zarautz has the longest beach in Euskadi (Basque country) at 2km.

Jamie, you’d be in your element! Such surf! We stood in the water (which did seem fairly cold!) for ages. Don’t think I’ve ever felt such a force in such shallow water, waves were coming from both directions. Had a lovely time trying to stay upright, and watching people catch waves.

Some big waves as the tide came up
Some big waves as the tide came up

We’d left Dave at 1pm, and already tried the tourist office - but closed for even longer than the French! Went back about 4pm after our cooling off in the sea, and walk along the promenade. Food seems a reasonable price at bars/cafes/restaurants along the front. Also there are showers everywhere, and foot washes for getting rid of the sand - very useful!

Lovely helpful lady in tourist office! Gave us lots of different brochures about the Basque coastline, and because we expressed an interest, she gave us a pocket dictionary for their language, which is absolutely nothing like Spanish!

Dave was saying it was 33° outside, and along the promenade it was saying 30°, so has been fairly warm - sea was best place to be!

It did go mad later and went to about 10°C
It did go mad later and went to about 10°C

Went off for a ride along the coast to Getaria, looked lovely for a swim, protected from the Atlantic swell! Went down to the fishing port too. Huge boats didn’t smell, and all looked clean and tidy and well looked after! We don’t know what sort of fish they catch though! Update, read the info book we picked and they fish for cod, bream and anchovies.

Lovely calm beach at Getaria
Lovely calm beach at Getaria

Rode back, left our bikes and walked around the old town and the shops. Treated ourselves to an ice-cream, however, not actually that nice! Seemed quite ‘grainy’ ice-cream. You live and learn! Lots of mothers and children sitting around outside cafes, eating and socializing.

On our way back decided we’d see what an Eroski supermarket has to offer. The answer, quite a lot! Huge! They didn’t have any better general road maps, in fact had the same Michelin one we have, so decided to just see how we get on for now. Bought just a few bits and pieces, enough to fill our rucksacks, and didn’t get back to Dave until about 7.30pm.

Quite a long day out for us! Only about 10 miles, and 6,000 steps - but quite tiring somehow, maybe the heat! Interestingly enough, the supermarket only sold real coke. Generally for our rum habit, we’ve been buying the supermarket’s own brand in a bid to test our tastebuds. Might have to go to a Lidl (been here since 1994) to stock up!

Think we both feel generally a bit happier about being in Spain! Apparently the coast is fairly similar - so just need to find a decent, open Aire tomorrow!

Our daughter has her graduation in the UK tomorrow. Big guilt at not being there with you Sarah, but glad Herc will be with you. #veryproudparents.

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