May 11th, 2019

11.05.19 - Peaceful night, the noisy youths from earlier on went home! Last night I finished another book - this one was by Philippa Gregory - The Queen’s Fool. Starting in 1548, covers the death of King Edward, then Queen Mary’s reign. I really enjoyed it - thanks Norma! Sadly I left the other books from the Tudor period at home as I thought they would have been hard work. Wrong again!

As expected, the rain during the early hours was very heavy. Didn’t go running, no point in getting soaked and trying to dry clothes, when hopefully tomorrow will be better. 

Had a FaceTime call with Mum this morning - hi! Spotted a bird feed it’s two chicks in a hole in the gable end of the house next door. Sorry, the pics aren’t very good but it was raining and taken through the windscreen.

We were dithering a bit. The next place on the route was Lauda-Königshofen, but parking seemed to be an issue, so decided to bypass. 

I drove about 30 minutes to Bad Wertheim, and we parked about a 5 minute walk away from the gardens and old town. Yes, you guessed it, tourist information for a map! Saw a lovely old post box, more of the same style half timbered buildings. Ludwig van Beethoven worked here in 1791. 

The Deutschordensschloss (bit of a mouthful)
The Deutschordensschloss (bit of a mouthful)
Town hall
Town hall

Decided we didn’t want to visit the museum for €14, and were then drawn by the sound of music. 

An orchestra was rehearsing in the castle church (Deutschordensschloss), so we snook in. Very grand looking church with an elaborate painted ceiling. We actually stayed for about half an hour. They were very good! Think we were both thinking back to when both of our children played in various orchestras and how we enjoyed listening to them. It’s a real talent to be able to play an instrument. I did have lessons on a keyboard when Jamie started on the trombone (he later tried guitar too) and Sarah played first on violin, and then flute. Whereas our children were excellent, I was rubbish! Margaret was my lovely patient music teacher. I got nervous even trying to play to just her! However, you never know - I still have the keyboard at home...

Shortly after we left, we heard thunder, the sky went dark and the heavens dropped hailstones and rain! We sheltered under trees in the park until the worst was over, then walked back to Dave. 


Drove off and found an official parking place (€11/night) - but just to empty our waste!

Found a place selling LPG, so stopped off and filled up - then drove about another 20 minutes - we’re now parked at Weikersheim. Our parking spot for the night is right outside the palace with Versailles like gardens - apparently! That’s on the list for tomorrow!

As for this evening, very nearly rum o’clock - and as it’s Saturday, will be chicken curry later!

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