October 18th, 2018

18 October

Finished the final episodes of Series 3 of Luther last night. Started out really good, but in the end became unbelievable!

Well I spent a couple of hours with my mind working overtime last night in bed! For a while I was thinking about beggars, and why they make me feel so uncomfortable. Throughout both Spain and Portugal, we have encountered them, usually just putting out their hands for money, or opening the doors into a church, and expecting money for it. It makes me feel very sad. I remember years ago a client of mine saying she’d never give people money when she visited London, in case the money was used for drugs. Instead she gave them sandwiches, which led me to think she must have had a Mary Poppins handbag! There are so many of them, how do you choose who is more worthy to give to? Also, sadly some people have now made a choice to beg for money/food, when actually they are not totally without!

Should we just smile and walk past, or if we give a few euros, is this just an insult? Any opinions, please email!

Anyway, on with today’s news! Last night we spent quite a while searching for the co-ordinates for the Ecopista do Dao, a 50km former railway for cycling/walking from Santa Comba Dao to where we are at Viseu. Ha, turns out the path is just behind Dave! Also last night, at some random time, we both woke up, there’s a small patch of grass behind us, and the watering system must be timed, because we just heard Dave getting soaked as the sprinkler turned around! Random or what!

Decided we’d only ride for 30 miles, as that’s maybe an enjoyable time riding, any longer and we need riding shorts! There were annoying ‘gates’ to go through - good cycling proficiency test! Every time the path crossed a road, there was a gate on both sides, so quite a few. Also, rumble strips for cyclists! Whatever next - they really weren’t necessary!

Saw the disused steam train, and climbed inside. How did drivers ever see what was on the track in front?!

Met an array of dogs. Beautiful, friendly, young black dog - today’s picture, then the three little dogs who just barked and barked, and chased us when we went past. Also, sadly was the van with the trailer, with quite a few barking puppies - hope their fate will be pleasant. Also saw both a scared cat, and a friendly one!

All along the paths are keep fit equipment at various intervals. Check out Tintin’s balance on the springy plank!

When we rode through one of the tunnels, it was dark and long enough that we had to turn on our lights - was still eerie and very black - but - light at the end of the tunnel!

Also note, the amount of space on the toll road! Plus, beehives for James! Hope you’re doing ok with yours!

The landscape has changed, no longer vines everywhere, but today riding through pine and eucalyptus trees, lovely smells!

We got back after about 3 hours riding, and were going to move on. However, I looked at my hair and decided I really couldn’t wait another month for my hair to be cut at home in Guernsey. After checking out Google, took a walk, and stopped off at the first hairdresser we saw. The receptionist spoke no English, but a little French, and I agreed to go back at 4pm. Sad to say, I was a bit apprehensive! Arrived, and sat and waited for 20 minutes! A thin young man was doing my hair. My scalp felt violated! Never been on the receiving end of such a rough wash! Well, then he and another man discussed what to do. The other man spoke a bit of English (I had thought I’d be speaking French, but no) - I asked just for a trim, and not too short. What an energetic, rough man! Suffice to say it’s shorter! He used lots of salt water spray, ‘product’ and hairspray - not really sure what I think - will have to wait until I’ve washed it myself tomorrow. Bonus was that a wash, cut and blow dry was only €22! Maybe you’ll see a photo tomorrow, maybe not!

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