October 17th, 2018

17 October

Woke up to a beautiful sunrise through the mist. See picture above, it’s not snow, just Dave’s roof! I drove into the service part for mohos, and had all the men who were repointing a house looking at me - no pressure!

Drove on motorway today, stopped off at Lidl. Our most expensive shop yet! Maybe because it was Italian week, so we stocked up! Then drove to:

Viseu - free

Only 8 moho parking spaces, and they’re all full now. We have a French moho next to us with a yappy little dog, who tried to bite Tintin’s feet as he was helping me reverse in! Why are little dogs so noisy? 🐕

As we were on the electronic toll road (which for the most part wasn’t as good a surface as a lot of free roads) - decided to check whether it’s an instant charge. Logged on to our account and it is, we were charged the extortionate amount of nearly £3!

After lunch, walked into the historic centre. Lots more tiles, a couple of churches and a big cathedral. Whenever we go inside a church, Tintin thinks they are ornate, am I a heathen to suggest they just look tacky?

We’re both feeling a bit apathetic today, so not many words - or any pictures of note - sorry! It’s raining again too ☹️

Viseu Cathederal
Viseu Cathederal
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