May 1st, 2019

01.05.19 - Easy meal of fish and veg last night, followed by catching up with celebrity SAS, and more Cuckoo. 

Dave in his naughty corner
Dave in his naughty corner

Made up for the night before, and slept well! Week 2, run 2 - lovely along the river, mind wasn’t very willing - but body complied!

We heard a band playing, and went to look - start of May Day celebrations in the street. 

I drove on the German side of the river for about 45 minutes back to Echternach so we could use the moho service station again, 20 cents filled us with water!

Took advantage of being back in Luxembourg and filled up with both GPL and diesel. We may be needing the GPL having seen the forecast for here on Saturday - snow! Never seen pink on the forecast before! 

Snow in the forecast and we’re in shorts!
Snow in the forecast and we’re in shorts!

Then drove another 45 minutes to the outskirts of Trier, in Germany 🇩🇪- on the Moselle.  The parking where Park4night suggested is now a no waiting area, but parked up alongside a field, after having driven through the residential area - should be ok overnight. 

Colourful landscape
Colourful landscape

After lunch, bikes out and off on the cycle path to Trier - only about 9 miles there and back. 

Trier is a southwestern German city in the Moselle wine region, near the Luxembourg border. Founded by the Romans, it contains several well-preserved Roman structures like the Porta Nigra gate, the ruins of Roman baths, an amphitheater just outside the center and a stone bridge over the Moselle River. The Archaeological Museum displays Roman artifacts. Among Trier’s many Catholic churches is Trier Cathedral.

First stop was the Porta Nigra gate - it’s huge! Popped into the tourist information nearby and picked up a map. Locked up our bikes by the Karl Marx statue (1818 - 1883 - born in Trier) and went on foot. 

So many people out and about, walking around or sitting outside in the sunshine eating and drinking. Live music playing in the main square. 

The Cathedral of St Peter was also huge (and free!) it’s the oldest bishop’s church in Germany, and claims to have the tunic of Christ... Haven’t seen such an ornate organ before!

Cathedral of St Peter
Cathedral of St Peter

Then into The Church of Our Lady - earliest Gothic Church in Germany - 13th century. Again, huge - but had really bright stained glass windows - colours look new! - and lots of detail on the ceiling. 

Next was the Basilica of Constantine. Huge building which has been rebuilt - again, probably haven’t ever seen such a huge structure which doesn’t have any pillars or columns supporting it. The organs look too modern too! Didn’t do it for me!

Onto the Palastgarten. Beautiful looking building, set in parks. Walked as far as the amphitheater (built in 2nd century AD, one of Europe’s largest which could take 18,000 spectators). Charge to get in, and frankly getting a bit tired by then - so didn’t bother!

Lots of graffiti on the underpass - but from talented people! Saw Egyptian geese and goslings on the way back through the park. 

Treated ourselves to an ice cream in the way back. 

Over 12,000 steps, and about 9 miles on the bikes - reckon it’s time for a rum and coke reward! Think bacon and pea risotto, if I can be bothered!

A few pics from Trier

The baths, or what’s left of them
The baths, or what’s left of them

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