May 10th, 2019

10.05.19 - So, last night we went out to the pizza place I mentioned yesterday. Wow! The place was packed, and had capacity for lots of people. The pizzas were probably the largest we’ve ever tackled, tasty too - and with 1/2 litre of rosé was only €33.50. Tintin didn’t sleep too well as he was too full of pizza!

Guess what, that ball of yellow which warms us up was out today! We walked down to the Wertheim Village, which opened at 10am. Any posh ‘name’ you could think of probably had a shop there (over 110 boutiques). Was a lovely outlet village, looked new and was clean. 

Just happened to meander into another Lindt shop, only bought one bar (limited edition of lemon macaroons) as an emergency ration as we were going into the town and didn’t have lunch. The nice lady gave us each a free Lindor chocolate - bonus! She did try to tell me a moment on the lips, a life time on the hips! What was she trying to tell me?

We caught our free coach (courtesy of Hymer) at 11.30 for the 20 minute ride into Wertheim. 

First stop as usual, tourist information for a map. Very pretty town, lots of timbered old houses, hopefully the pictures will tell the story, as I’m not sure you need to know the history!

We walked up to the castle, which is mainly in ruins with fantastic view over the Main and Tauber rivers. 

We decided to have Kaffee and Kutchen (coffee and cake) for lunch. Understand that it’s quite a thing here in Germany. The sign said homemade, but the jury is out! Tintin had the Black Forest gateaux, whilst I had the raspberry gateaux (with hot chocolate as I don’t do coffee!). On balance, not worth the €11, or extra calories!

Tintin tried on a jacket, just so he looked like a German! Wasn’t impressed!

Just no!
Just no!

Looked in a glass shop, the lady said they made most of it themselves. Not quite Venice, but we both quite liked some of the big ornamental vases. Is it because we’ve been together so long that we now like the same stuff?!

After only an hour and a half we’d seen everything we wanted to see, so went and waited for the coach. Ha, German efficiency - it was two minutes late!

Back at Dave, we decided where to go, watered up again - then Tintin drove to a Lidl on the way, just for a few bits. Last time I drove, it was for hours - so he drove today as his last drive was short - and he does like driving Dave!

We’re now at a place called Tauberbischofsheim. There are only three moho allocated parking spaces and we’re not in one. Spoke to a German couple, they were leaving as they said it was a very sleepy town without nice restaurants. Even though it was 5pm, decided to have a quick look around. Very similar to Wertheim, lots of half timber framed houses, and quaint looking. No American river cruise passengers here though - very quiet!  We thought that if we looked today, we can leave early tomorrow, or go riding if the weather is good. Scratch that, just looked at the forecast for here, rain - all day - and quite heavy!

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