June 20th, 2019

20.06.19 - As the avocados aren’t ripe yet, had a quick pasta tea with a tasty Lloyd Grossman pouch sauce. Convenience is king sometimes!

Went for a walk back into the Port de Plaisance last night. Despite lots of mohos, was quiet overnight - well apart from a moho arriving late and parking behind us!

Week 9, run 2 - done ✅. Fair to say, was possibly Tintin’s hardest run yet. After he retired last August, all his chest pains just totally disappeared - so as specialists couldn’t find anything extra actually physically wrong, decided stress must have caused the pains. However, this trip - he’s had pains a few times, not just running, but cycling and walking too. More deep breathing to get extra oxygen needed? Anyway, 30 minutes on the cycle path, so flat - but uneven surface. Was a bit hard mentally as it was just long and straight - and seemed never ending!


I drove today for about an hour - in some ways has been a test! First we stopped off near Gien at an Auchan supermarket to fill up with LPG. Took three attempts to fill the gas, and had to pay each time in order to reset the pump we just couldn’t get the nozzle in well enough - it’s not a very pleasant smell! Had to ask the old man in the car behind me (who spoke no English) to reverse, as we wouldn’t get through the chicane in front. Then drove in to get some diesel, but the machine wouldn’t accept the credit card, so reversed out again! Maybe we have to forget about buying LPG and diesel from the supermarkets where the price is best, as maybe they’re trying to give good deals for their customers in cars, and trying to deter larger vehicles? 

Then drove on really bad roads to Sully-sur-Loire. So bad it had my husband up and out of his seat checking where the worst noises were coming from. Also quite disconcerting when he was playing around with the air assist for the rear suspension right alongside me! The entrance to the Aire is a chicane with wooden poles and strategically placed granite boulders. People were watching! Phew, Dave in one piece. (Tintin has just read the Aires book which says maximum length of 7.3 - we’re 7.43!) It’s really busy here, but space isn’t an issue. We found out later on from the helpful lady at the tourist information that the chicane is to deter gypsies from setting up camp here. There is lots of parking outside for mohos more than 8m long, but they then don’t have access to the services...

Had lunch, then set about trying to eliminate some rattles. The jars on the door shelf of the fridge make a lot of noise, so we’ve put a tea towel underneath. Will try a tea towel under the cooker lid tomorrow. Tintin got out his felt and took apart some of the front dashboard to see if that will help. If we don’t win the lottery, so we can buy a Frankia or a Carthago - then will just have to find the causes, sort if possible - or turn the music up!

Went out walking for a couple of hours (over 12,000 steps today). The Château de Sully is a nice looking place, situated in a lake dammed off from the Loire. Built about 1360, extended in 1602 by Maximilien de Béthune, Duke of Sully and finance minister to Henri IV. 

The huge sculpture of the Duke of Sully dates from the 19th century. It is 3m high and it weighs nearly 7 tons. 

Saint-Ythier church had the front doors open - just as well - was dark even with the light flooding in! The stained glass windows are from the 16th century. The sculpture above the porch of the church represents Maurice Sully. His name is due to the fact that in earlier times (born 1120), when people didn’t have a name, they were given the name of their town of origin. 

Felt a bit guilty about stroking the white cat - was in fur shedding mode - and it was all blowing into the shop!

Tintin couldn’t quite go tree hugging today!

Swamp cypresses that line the moat are 200 years old and can go to 600 years old
Swamp cypresses that line the moat are 200 years old and can go to 600 years old

I’ve been blow drying my hair each day this trip. (fuses sorted out!) I had my hair cut in Guernsey 2 days before we left - and was so fed up with it - after only 3 weeks I had it cut by a German lady in Luxembourg - and it’s been really good! It’s already over 7 weeks since it was cut, and still has some shape.  Makes you wonder doesn’t it! You go to the same hairdresser time after time, because they know you, and know what you want. Ha, think for the purposes of traveling - this has been my best haircut! Might make for an awkward conversation when I’m home 😊

It tried to rain a little this morning, but not very successfully. It has been quite hot walking around this afternoon - and I took my umbrella! 

Sam’s birthday today, feel like I’m catching you up! Hope you’ve had a lovely day, no doubt alcohol, cake and chocolate will appear! - hope you’ll pop in for a catch-up when we’re home. 

Some more pics from today

Grotto built with stone from Lourdes
Grotto built with stone from Lourdes
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