April 13th, 2019

12.04 - Another good night’s sleep - would like to think it will last, but know better!

We have used quite a lot of gas keeping Dave warm at night, and there isn’t anywhere close by selling LPG, so will have to restrict using the heating, much to my husband’s displeasure! 

Today we ventured into Truro. Tintin visited both Vodafone and EE. Still issues with using his Vodaphone UK sim when roaming, and has finally been told that there is a fair usage policy of only allowing 2 months continuous roaming. So actually it’s been roaming for over 6 months before calls were restricted.  If that is the case it would have saved Tintin hours on the help and complaint lines! The Vodafone salesman reckons that now that the sim has been used in the UK it will work roaming again for at least 2 months, we will see. The salesman even said to send the sim card back to the UK, get someone to use it, return it, and it will be good for a couple of months abroad. Bought a £5 EE sim as back up incase the other one doesn’t work in Europe. 

Truro Cathedral is really beautiful - have been here before, but never really looked at how large it is and all the intricate stonework. 

Wandered around for a while, then went to Hubbox for lunch. Really good burgers! There are shipping containers inside, and lots of artwork. Tintin wondered how anyone came up with the idea!

I like the idea that there is a whole company called ‘Kay’, so had to take a photo!

J and Bel did some gardening, mowed their grass and generally tidied up, whilst Jack watched through the window!

13.04 - After another healthy meal of lentil and squash chili, we watched Thor Ragnarok last night. 

This morning J and Bel went to CrossFit in Threemilestone, whilst we took Jack for a walk around the area. Pretty chilly in the wind today! 

Tintin and J put our Guernsey donkey sticker on the back of Dave in readiness for people in Europe asking where we’re from. Best guess so far this trip due to the GBG sticker is Gibraltar!

After lunch, drove through Portreath to Tehidy Country Park. Nice walk through the woods. Even managed to hand feed some very tame squirrels 🐿with nuts. Nature at it’s best! Lots of swans, ducks 🦆with their ducklings, and plenty of rooks with big obvious nests in the tree tops!

Theatre in the woods
Theatre in the woods

J is making pizza dough in readiness for our tea tonight! Writing later - some of best pizzas! When we’re home again, will have to make the effort!

Chef at work
Chef at work
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