May 9th, 2019

09.05.19 - Liberation Day! Hope the weather in Guernsey was good, and that everyone had a good day off to celebrate. 

Woke and got up about 07.30, ready for our run. It started raining, but went anyway, and luckily it didn’t continue. Week 3, run 2 - done ✅. We were looking for the bus stop in case we wanted to go into Wertheim. Found it on our way back. We were concentrating so much that we almost forgot about running, and dare I say it, found it easier - was only slightly uphill in places. 

Sadly, it has rained, and rained - more so this afternoon when the forecast said it should be lighter! We were going to walk into Wertheim village nearby, which has lots of shop outlets. Wasn’t to be!

This morning between showers I went across the road to the Art of Chocolate. Yum! What a smell! And me left to go shopping by myself! Although I confess to being a chocoholic, I actually prefer bars of chocolate to boxes of assorted chocolates, they usually have some that I don’t like. Anyway, was delighted with my cache of Lindt mint chocolate balls and cranberry bars - all for €5!  Also picked up a menu from L’Osteria, a pizza place nearby, in case we have pizza later!

Again, between showers - we nipped to the service area. Paid €1 for 100 litres of water - we had totally run out - but ok as we knew we could fill up.

Had a bit of a cleaning day, scrubbing the shower, cleaning floors etc...

Tintin returned to the accessories part of the Hymer store, and bought a SOG II filter cartridge (for our loo!) and a couple of fridge vent covers, which we’re supposed to use when the temperature drops below 6° - all for €75, which is cheaper than it would have cost on Amazon. 

The rest of the day has been watching the comings and goings of mohos. A lot of them posh Carthagos and Niesmann+Bischoffs! - some the size of a coach! Quite a few cute dogs too. Other than that, lots of tea and coffee, and lots of reading!

Resident position
Resident position

It may sound boring, but we’re strangely both ok about it. It would be bad weather all around here, and at least we feel safe, we’re on a level tarmac surface, can fill up/empty water etc. 

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