May 14th, 2019

14.05.19 - Even though this Stellplatz is off the road, there is quite a lot of road noise, but had a fairly good night’s sleep. It was 5° this morning - and run day. My brain is telling me I can’t do it before I’ve even tried! Week 4, run 1 - done ✅. It’s suddenly increased to two lots of five minute runs, and two lots of three minute runs - so sixteen minutes. We did as Jo Whiley said, and didn’t give up, although I wanted to! Tintin is faring better than I am, he would go faster than I do, so maybe I’m saving him from injury!

We got the bikes out and rode into Feuchtwangen (the town we’re parked at) - again, very pretty with a nice market square. I wanted to see the Romanesque cloister, thought to date from the 12th century, but it’s used as theatre, and was in use when we visited. 

Whilst we were out running, we saw the cycle signs to Dinkelsbühl (next on our stop) and thought it would be easier to ride there, as for Dave to stay overnight, there was a charge, being a very popular stop off.

Only took about 40 minutes, but today’s ride was far more up and down than yesterday. Also, we underestimated the weather! It was cold 🥶- we should have worn scarfs and gloves, but somehow thought it would turn out a bit warmer like yesterday - stupid! 

Dinkelsbühl is described as Rothernburg ob der Tauber’s little sister! It’s a complete medieval town wall with 16 towers, bastions and four gates, surrounded by old trees, ponds and orchards. Picked up a map from the tourist information, locked our bikes up - and walked around for about 90 minutes. St George’s church is a lovely wide aisled Gothic church built 1448-1499. The font is made from intricate stone masonry dating from the late 15th century. The World War II left Dinkelsbühl unscathed. 

Most of the sights today were just the houses, gates and towers themselves. We wondered if home owners had to sign up to an agreement to keep them looking smartly painted. Most of the houses were separated from each other, but only just - but surprisingly they did have little windows we could just about see down the sides - strange. 

There certainly weren’t all the touristy shops, and it was much nicer for it!

A model of your house on your house
A model of your house on your house
Kay guarding the town gate
Kay guarding the town gate
Old grain store
Old grain store

Today’s cakes were a nutty danish, and a chocolate cherry cake (maybe they forgot the Kirsch?!) - not as good as yesterday - but maybe after our run, bike ride and walk, we could justify them? My phone app says we’ve done over 18,000 steps today - but don’t believe it - for once that seems too many! Maybe I’ll just have to put my pedometer on, but then again - doesn’t really matter!

Ride back seemed to be against the wind, so glad to get back to Dave. After a cup of coffee/tea - decided we’d spend another night here rather than rushing to move on.

I’ve been having problems with my iPhone every day. It often gets hot, uses up the battery - and I have to power it off and on to be able to use it. I’d nearly used up all my Gigabytes - so have deleted a couple of thousand photos to make way for more. The photos are on my iPad, but not backed up to iCloud as we’ve found it eats up the data, so I airdrop from my phone to iPad. Would help if I knew what I was doing!

Finished another book this afternoon! Now cooking. My Dad used to visit (and work) in Germany when I was young - and we used to have ‘tyrol’ and egg - which I thought everyone knew about. It was German garlic sausage, fried with the egg - was nice. Anyway, this garlic sausage is everywhere - so in my roasted vegetables (onions, courgettes, yellow and red peppers and tomatoes etc) I’ve added chopped up sausage. It smells ok!

Thinking of and remembering my kind, lovely Auntie Val who would have been 85 today. 

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