September 7th, 2018

7 September

Not quite sure why we are spending so long sleeping! At home we’d be up about 6am, here we wake on and off throughout the night, either too warm, or external noise - but don’t really surface till about 8am. Can bodies catch up on sleep?!

Tintin woke with a headache, whether the Captain Morgan’s did him in, or whether lack of water yesterday combined with too much sun, don’t know. He has taken a few of his plink plink fizz (Solphadeine) - but they’ll now have to be restricted!

Went a bought a baguette and didn’t leave Carnac until about 11.30, and drove to where we thought we could park. We couldn’t! It had a sign for no motorhomes, the one parked up had a sign on it saying something about not being able to moved! Went past Le Men Du from yesterday - really surprised at how low the low tide was, must be very flat! Had a cup of tea, then moved on.

Drove for just over an hour to Locmariaquer, but no space available. Drove round coast, then decided we’d head inland as maybe being close to the weekend it would be very busy near the sea.

St Nolff - N47°42.192’ W002°39.551’ - free

Arrived and on high alert! Some men with tinnies, a couple of dogs and very old wrecked looking vehicles! Impressions can be wrong. They were interested in where we were from, and friendly. The place is right next to an animal sanctuary with about six donkeys and some goats. Would be very peaceful apart from being right next to the railroad for the TGV! From gate across the level crossing to it whizzing past is only about 10 seconds!

Went for a walk, what a pleasant surprise St Nolff is. Walked around a lake up to the town. You could fish for a maximum of five trout for €5! There were pictures of wildlife photos dotted all around, of which I took some photos, but won’t claim them to be mine! A big mastiff went running to see some other people, then came to greet us. Just as we were walking away, we saw the owner taking his shoes off ready to jump in the lake as the dog had fallen into the lake and was drowning. Luckily he managed to pull her out unharmed.

Actually Tintin’s photo
Actually Tintin’s photo

Weather variable, hot when sunny - but fairly cloudy, not beach weather.

Little town has everything, but like most, seems devoid of lots of people.

We’ve just moved Dave to another car park by a water mill, maybe not so noisy when the alarm goes for the level crossing, we’ll see...

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