November 13th, 2018

12 & 13 November 

Peaceful night - only one other moho! Yesterday morning we walked across to Lidl for our final shop - rubbish! Didn’t have tinned peaches, our favourite biscuits, Greek yogurt etc! 

Drove and topped up on fuel and GPL - apparently better to be full over winter when Dave will just be parked up at home. Thought we’d drive towards St Malo just to be nearer. Really not moho friendly, everywhere was paid parking. Found a space near Minihic beach and had lunch. Drove and sat in Condor check-in carpark early, ready for our 17.00 departure.

All on time, not very user friendly having to get off and go through passport control in Jersey, but heyho! Tintin had been warning me the sea might be rough, was around Corbiere. In fact they closed the duty free, and when it was open again seemed to be the roughest! Didn’t feel particularly brilliant - but wasn’t sick!

Back home (lost an hour) at 19.30. We’d been warned that the road up towards our home maybe shut, so had to rethink our route home. Fortunately the road was open! Not particularly easy to park Dave in the dark - but Tintin managed!

The cats were delighted to see us, and spent the evening following us around. We stupidly took pity on them and left our bedroom door open - yes - two happy cats on our bed most of the night - we’re just looking forward to a good sleep without them!

Maybe as expected, neither of our cars had very flat batteries after 10 weeks of no use. Herc to the rescue, and lent his car for the day - thanks Herc. We will know by Thursday if they’re ok - likely! 

Well, most of Dave is unpacked - and the house looks like it’s been burgled as a result! Did we really fit so much stuff in Dave?

Apart from seeing family, we’re both a bit sad that our adventures are over for now! On a plus side, great to have a hot shower - and leave the water running!

Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to read our blog. According to our statistics page we’ve had over 1,500 page views! Any comments or suggestions  - please email me on!

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