October 1st, 2018

1 October

It may have been dark last night, and fairly peaceful, but by 4am it was raining, so up to close the hatches. Was a good time to get in first for my pinch / punch first of the month on my husband! About 5am a couple walking nearby were having a very loud argument!

Was allowed to drive today! Still very windy roads to start off with. The fuel station had GPL 👍 so filled up. Only 17 litres, Tintin thinks we were told we could hold 40 litres of gas, that obviously was another lie that needs investigating. On route we saw a Lidl, Aldi and Eroski all together, but on other side of road. Up the road, round the roundabout and back. The Eroski didn’t have a Vodafone like the one the other day. They could offer 3GB of data for €20! Oh, I need to backtrack, when we checked our data usage, it’s jumped another 7GB overnight. Jamie, you might be right about downloading from iPlayer, and it obviously isn’t instant, and can take up to three days to catch up. The long and the short of it is we only have less than 2GB left on our data sim to last us another couple of weeks! Tintin has some data on his phone, but the additional 4GB he had last month was a one off.

Went to Lidl to stock up. Totally different products than in France - but quite enjoyable to browse. Found most of what we were looking for.

I really didn’t enjoy the latter part of the drive. Stupid Colin the Co-Pilot doesn’t get how large we are, tried to take us over a huge hump, and into a no through road. Went round the same roundabout quite a few times. In the end Tintin managed to get us to the Aire:

Sopela - N43°22.435’ W002°59.386’ - free

Late lunch, then read books. Was looking like rain, and we knew shops wouldn’t open until late afternoon. Walked up the hill into town. Seemed quite large from the size of the school and number of mums and children at end of day. However, looked around and asked a few people. No phone shops, town too small! Eventually found the tourist information - closed on Mondays!

Sorry, very few photos and the ones here are just snapshots.  Maybe tomorrow might be a better day.

Mum always said if you didn’t have anything nice to say, then not to speak! Well, I really don’t have much more to add!

Over 7,000 steps on a still dodgy ankle, and no joy! Baked some more granola, and now drinking Bacardi to make everything alright again!

Need to drive for about 3 hours tomorrow to get to Gijon, where Tintin wants to go, as he went there decades ago when he was sailing.

We’ve now been away for 4 weeks. Time is really deceptive, some days it feels like we’ve been away for ages, other days it’s like there is still too much to see and not enough time!

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