October 6th, 2019

6 October 

Peaceful and dark last night - ideal sleeping conditions!

This will be short today - haven’t done much! Spent a few hours chatting to an English couple this morning, Richard and Linda which was really nice, whilst throwing a stick for their border collie Sam, who thought the game should never end!

FaceTime with my Mum for a catch-up - always great to hear about home!

I then drove for about 30 minutes to Sommières. Lovely drive, then we hit the town - it was really packed due to a huge flea market. Quite tight to get through some of the streets, ended up parking in a Lidl carpark and walking back in. 

Really, some of the tat on the stalls, sure most of it would have been better in a skip. However, in total contrast - there was a lovely crystal chandelier - for €200 - probably a bargain!

Quick walk around the old town. Some seem quaint when they’re old, I couldn’t get past the horrible smells emanating from some drains - and just felt it looked tired and unloved. 

Met another lovely English couple, Brian and Karen, so we moved Dave to the large carpark here, and once again chatted for ages. It’s amazing we’ve been away for over a month, and yet today we’ve seen and spoken to more English people than we have in the whole month!

Dave next to ours neighbours Brian and Karen
Dave next to ours neighbours Brian and Karen

We came here as we needed services for Dave. The campsite from where you buy tokens for water closed on 30 September! Never mind, at least Tintin could empty the loo!

We’ve both spent quite a while researching services going towards Montpellier - it seems even worse than where we’ve come from!

Has been about 23/24° today - so very pleasant - not full sunshine, overcast but good!

Had a nothing sort of day - but still haven’t read any more of my book!

Few more photos - 

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