September 22nd, 2019

22 September

The thunder, lightning and rain continued for hours. Caught up on some Peaky Blinders. I haven’t watched any of the previous series, so maybe not so into it as Tintin. Pretty violent!

Slept well in our peaceful parking space, had to keep hatches closed because of the rain, but the temperature had dropped anyway.

This morning was forecast for rain, not much - but decided if we took our coats we wouldn’t need them! Walked down, and down - for about 10 - 15 minutes until we reached Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer, was a pretty seaside front with a marina. Found a Casino supermarket and bought a baguette for lunch. Walked back to Dave up and up winding roads - not as bad as the steps down - were out for about an hour.

A couple of very old warships
A couple of very old warships

Me driving today! Went back to the Aire we found yesterday, and serviced Dave again, not because we needed to, but it’s free, we knew where it was - and don’t know when we’ll find one again!

Drive today was only about 40 minutes, but was through towns with roundabouts every few hundred metres, loads of speed humps - and yes - bumpy roads!

Strange decision, but we’re parked up at an Intermarché at Six-Fours-Les-Plages. Supermarkets close at 12.45 on Sundays, but the 24/7 fuel station is behind us - and we thought we’d be safer being visible, rather than just on a street somewhere. It’s ironic - we’re opposite the laundry machines - and I don’t have enough to do!

After lunch, bikes out. Rode for about 15-1/2 miles. The beaches just down the road at Six-Fours-les-Plages looked amazing. However, red flags were up, and no one was swimming. The weather all afternoon has looked a bit menacing, but it’s been warm and really windy - and luckily didn’t rain.

First stop was Sanary-sur-Mer (16,000 population) - a recommended stop. There are traditional fishing boats along the quay and a yacht marina. The area had a very nice feel about it, helped no doubt by the fact that traffic was banned due to the market. Once again, we were there when the stalls were packing up. Lots and lots of restaurants, and most of them looked full. We think that people had been coached in, saw a few Americans!

The Church of Naint-Nazaire was built in the centre of Sanary-sur-Mer in the 19th century on the site of an earlier church. It has an interesting byzantine style facade, and inside there are various orthodox christian frescoes - large and colourful paintings.

Then rode onto Bandol, about 4km away. Another port and tourist resort with about 8,000 inhabitants. Apparently it produces excellent wines (Bandol AC) - although we didn’t try any. It uses the Mourvèdre grape which grows around Bandol but very few other places in France, it is said to be difficult to grow and demands very specific conditions of soil and sunshine.

The Ile de Bendor, 300m offshore is owned by the pastis manufacturer, Ricard and features a holiday centre that looks like a Disney set.

Bandol didn’t feel as nice, so much traffic driving through - lots of restaurants and shops, as well as the huge marina.

We rode around, and off the beaten track found a beach - and went for a quick swim as we were quite hot. Even had showers nearby to wash off the salty water and sandy feet!

Our own private beach, not quite
Our own private beach, not quite

There was a new car exhibition all along the front too, we laughed looking at the size of a Nissan Micra - they used to be small!

Started to ride home, but couldn’t exactly see Cap Nègre, so rode down to Port de la Coudoulière for a sit down, along with water and biscuits. We fed a pigeon - reckon weight for weight it ate a whole packet. Hope it doesn’t have a sugar crash!  We then watched this strange boat come in and rode around to see it. It’s called Aquavision, and the very friendly man let us both have a look inside. It’s a bit like a submarine, but doesn’t go down that far, just far enough that you can see the fish all around you. Only takes 10 people, not sure I’d cope - think I’d feel claustrophobic - but a great idea!

Kay’s not sure about being inside it
Kay’s not sure about being inside it

Back to Dave after about 3-1/2 hours, have had a few FaceTime chats - always good to catch-up with family!

Tea was late tonight, I started late - and oven kept on going out - grr! Just a simple pasta bake - but enough for tomorrow too - so I guess that’s Tintin’s cooking night then!

Some more photos from today

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