April 26th, 2019

26.04.19 - Rained on into the night. Was ok first thing this morning, so went for run 3rd of week one. Again, didn’t feel like it - and a few of the ‘runs’ (faster than walking!) were up hill - but was ok. 

Just as we were leaving, I got chatting to a woman. My children think I’m the mad old cat lady - they should have met this one! Boy could she chat. She’s traveling with just her 17 year old cat, who I saw. Her little van was such a heap! Really dirty - was telling me about how her cat only eats ‘wet’ food and nudges it out of the bowl, spreads cat litter everywhere - and has ‘IBS’ and the resulting toilet problems! An English woman, living in France - but going for an interview in Luxembourg - weird!

Note from Tintin - I had to walk away and start sorting Dave, couldn’t stand the smell from the van!

Tintin drove for about 30 minutes back into France so we could go to an Intermarche in order to do our laundry. Two loads of washing and drying - €16 - and all clothes and bedding done. Still not sure the machines really clean that well, but psychologically they’ve been wet, dried - and smell fresh!

Quick shop whilst there for essentials like milk and rum! I also popped across the road to go to Aldi. Never been in one before - and was fairly disappointed! Similar to other Lidl stores, but more disorganized. Bought a few things, but only had one till open and a queue with nine of us in it - took ages! 

So pleased to get all the laundry done, but big downpour - and we’d left the mat outside - stupid!

Tintin then drove for about an hour to Sierck-les-Bains (in France, but right near the Luxembourg border and not far from the German border too) where we’re staying for the night. Parking only, no facilities. The Moselle is 10m behind us, as is the train track! After another rain shower, walked into town. As it was already 5.30 - most places were shut. Anyway - had my first proper cat encounter with a friendly specimen! He made our cats look really slim! 

Ok, you can go now.
Ok, you can go now.

Quite a few information boards around the town including this amusing one.

Not much else to say today - April showers today - and off tomorrow following the Moselle, probably on the Luxembourg side of the river. 

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