May 21st, 2019

21.05.19 - Had to watch all the downloads of Britain’s Got Talent last night before they expired. Surprisingly (not!), another peaceful night, just one other moho. 

It hasn’t stopped raining since I wrote yesterday!

We ventured out on foot this morning, as there was a laundromat in Peiting, very nearby. Turned out to be service wash only - taking two days!

Packed up and left. GPS couldn’t find a satellite, so went a little way in the wrong direction before co-pilot got his act together. Stopped off at Lidl for a top up. Chocolate supplies are looking healthy!

Tintin drove today. We had to find somewhere to be able to fill up with water. First tried a Stellplatz near Rottenbuch which was €20 per night, but couldn’t see a service station anywhere. He’d already found another place about 10 minutes drive away. Luckily it accepted our €1, and we filled up with water - good job too - as we were empty - and didn’t have a plan C!

I don’t actually know where we are now! Some random carpark, near a lake - which would be lovely in good weather. In fact, the lake has eaten up the benches at the side, as the level is so high. We’ve seen lots of flooded fields on our way here. Besides just hills, there are probably some mountains in the distance - but can’t see them - grr - one solid day of rain is fine - now getting fed up, especially as the forecast is pants!

We’re wondering about a change a plan, and trying out the Alpine Road - 450 km from Lindau on Lake Constance to Schönau on Lake Königssee. Tintin fancies going into the Alps - probably just wants to hear me squeal on tight hairpin bends up in the mountains!

We could join it as we’re near Oberammergau, go east, then motorway back, then tag on Füssen and the castles later - when maybe, no - the weather will be at least dry!

So, more multiple cups of tea - and both of us starting on new books. Need to make another batch of granola (yes, we eat a lot of it!) - that’s as good as it gets for today! ☹️

Horses looking miserable
Horses looking miserable
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