October 30th, 2018

30 October

YES! - today’s picture is of snow!

The expected rain started about 11pm last night, softly at first - and then persistent.

This morning we were in no hurry to get going! At least because it was raining it felt a tad warmer! Managed to time servicing Dave quite well - not too wet!

Tintin driving today - ended up about 2-1/2 hours - not much to do this weather! Stopped off at a Park4night place near a natural piscine. Was under trees, a bit muddy near the river - had lunch and decided to drive to Salamanca.

We were really surprised to see snow on the mountain tops, thinking at first it was just cloud, but no - definitely snow! Saw signs for a ski resort too. The whole landscape today was so different, steadily climbing upwards, then downwards - then repeat!

We’re now parked up at a Repsol garage - which is the official Aire. Actually has quite a nice view, and we don’t mind road traffic noise.

Cooked up another batch of granola, then have been catching up with Joanne and Craig’s Our Bumble blog - courtesy of my Spanish data which soon expires. Tintin has been watching YouTube videos from the NEC Birmingham, which has recently held the Motorhome show. I hope he’s not getting any ideas!

Anyway, nothing to really write about today, and even less in the way of pictures, which were just snapped whilst driving!

Hopefully the weather will be ok for our jaunt into Salamanca tomorrow. 

Our view out the windscreen this evening.

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