June 27th, 2019

27.06.19 - So we were sat out last night, and a random man turned up in his moho and asked Tintin if he was an electrician. He said no, but the man insisted he take a look in his van! He had a constant noise, but couldn’t figure it out. Anyway, Tintin found out it was his safe, took out the batteries - and silence! The man said he was 80, who with his wife has just been to Corsica. There is hope for old age yet! He was a bit deaf, and waiting for his hearing aid, but they wouldn’t have been able to sleep with the constant noise. He was delighted!

Had another avocado salad, followed by fruit salad. We’d bought a huge punnet of nectarines - turns out they were all ripe at the same time, so been eating lots!

Herc FaceTimed us last night, and I had to wake up my husband, who despite the heat was sleeping soundly! They have a problem with their boiler (as do we!), anyway, it didn’t justify an emergency call out - and hopefully the plumber will have resolved it today. Thereafter, I just couldn’t sleep. Still looking at the time at about 1.30am - not a good night’s sleep. To be honest, I can’t blame just the heat, being post menopausal I often get hot anyway. Tintin does say that with the amount of heat I generate that I should be slim. Rude!

We serviced Dave for the last time this trip, then Tintin drove today for about an hour to St Suliac. There is no escaping the fact that it is just too hot!

Last stop
Last stop

After lunch we did go for a brief ride. The town is very pretty, the church was old and smelly, but blissfully cool! Strange, there was a model galleon hanging in the middle of the pews.

Rode down to La Rance, and once again walked about on the slipway in the water to cool our feet!  The tourist information lady told us there was a good viewpoint, so up we rode.

A German car pulled up, and the man asked if we knew where the vineyards were, we didn’t. During the course of conversation - turns out he’s a published author - called Jean Luc Bannalec. He writes murder mysteries, and was researching for his latest one. Some have been turned into films too.  Was a really nice friendly guy - and we’ll have to contact him again once we’ve read his books!

Spent the afternoon sat outside, hoping for a breeze - and trying to not get exasperated by the heat!

We’ve been sat with our feet in a great big plastic box of cold water, helps - but...

So, we’ve booked to go to a restaurant tonight called Bistro de la Greve - last night and all that! We’ll have to go on our bikes as too far to walk comfortably. 

We’ll both have another shower soon, although I suspect we won’t feel the benefit for very long!

We’ve had a big fan on in Dave, we’ve had the engine on for a while with air conditioning - but it was saying 40° inside. Now we know it’s not that accurate, but suffice to say, hottest it’s ever been. 

Will probably write one more blog once we’re home - so you can now find something else to read, and we’ll resume possibly in August...

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