November 5th, 2018

5 November

Made a chicken chasseur for tea last night for 4 people, so today’s meal is easy! Had bought some potatoes, as really fancied mashed potato. However, husband does not like trying to wash our Joseph masher (!) - so did a good job with a fork - whittling down what is needed!

Watched Strictly on catch-up, sometimes I wonder why! Maybe a bit of change of format to keep it fresh would be good.

Yesterday I woke up feeling optimistic and full of the joys of life after a good nights sleep - sadly not so today!

Anyway, my turn to drive. Bit boring today, mainly on motorways for just over two hours. Had to pay €5.50 for one little section of péage (from Dax towards Bordeaux). It wasn’t difficult driving as there is a ring road motorway around Bordeaux - however, it was really busy. Sometimes 4 lanes of traffic. Also as a slower vehicle, we are usually in the right hand lane, but with so much traffic joining, usually have to move out into the next lane so they can join. Tiring, having to concentrate! So many big vehicles today - just overtake one or two, but always more up ahead! Arrived at:

St Romain La Virvee - free

Is only 5km from motorway, so convenient. Very bumpy ‘road’ to get here - Dave duly complained!

Got the bikes out and pootled about for around 6 miles. Not that much to see - sheep 🐑, La Dordogne, lots of vines - and a bull who seemed to want to get closer! Very rural France! Rode to Le Carrefour to check out fuel prices for tomorrow - is €1.51 per litre, have seen it at €1.65 on the motorway today.

Another cuppa, and reading of books. Just finished another John Grisham. Really must slow down reading, or bring lots more books with me next time! 

A French moho arrived, it has a black cat in it - can just about see in the picture. It’s now on a bed in the front dashboard. Bailey - you’re on notice!

Tintin has just pointed out a lovely sunset (17.45) - can tell we’re heading North, doesn’t seem to be as many daylight hours already!

When we arrived we were Billy no mates again, but now there are another five mohos. Quiet, except for very barky dogs at a nearby residence.

We’re almost driving home too quickly now, but motorways seem to be the way to go when covering long distances. Definitely seen our fair share of little roads too!

Another bonus is that when we look at the forecast, it seems to be rain for the next day, when the ‘next day’ comes - the forecast is rain for the following day! So we’re expecting rain today, but never happened! 

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