September 21st, 2019

21 September 

Strange sort of evening. Developed symptoms of a migraine and went to bed early. Felt freezing cold, roasting hot, sick a few times - and had a left eye ‘headache’ for hours and hours, but did eventually get to sleep. Let’s just say it’s very weird having no privacy. ☹️Mum, I’m not sure how you coped having normal conversations with Sarah and Herc on Sunday!

Enough of that! The change in the weather was as predicted - even down to the rain starting at 11am - and continuing all day. 

Tintin drove today, less than an hour in total. First stop en route at a BP station for LPG - easy to drive in, not busy - just expensive! 

We drove through a 1.7km tunnel, which bypassed most of Toulon. The block of flats on the outskirts maybe sums up why we didn’t feel the need to visit. 

We drove past La Seyne-sur-Mer, then went to the free - yes free Aire in Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer and serviced Dave, just as it started to rain. There was space available to park there, but it was really busy with a sports field nearby, and on the road - so drove up to a more peaceful park4night place on top of a hill near a cemetery!

Driving up the hill the sea looked rough.
Driving up the hill the sea looked rough.

Sadly we didn’t stop off at a boulangerie - I feel cakes haven’t really made much of a feature yet!

Spent a very happy afternoon, reading books, drinking cups of tea, catching up with downloads...

We’ve just had lightning, and thunder that rumbled for quite a while. Nothing for it but to sit it out, and hopefully we’ll visit the town tomorrow, as what we saw of it looks very pretty. 

It’s Saturday, so that must mean chicken curry for tea - sadly not from M&S - but never mind. 

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