June 10th, 2019

10.06.19 - Enjoyed Killing Eve in a grisly sort of way. May have to watch the rest quite soon!

Yesterday it started raining late afternoon, and carried on into the night. There must have been at least 20 mohos parked up, but so peaceful overnight!

I have now slept well for two nights, and for two nights I have put a couple of drops of Lavender essential oil on our pillows. I also slept well at the beginning of our trip, and was using Lavender, but gave up because I couldn’t be bothered to get it out of the cupboard! Will have to see if it has just been a coincidence! Really didn’t think I would sleep well last night, as we’d done no exercise at all during the day!

Woke up at 7.15am, and it wasn’t raining - so carpe diem - seize the day! Week 7, run 3 - done ✅!  We weren’t prepared psychologically for it as we thought it would be raining so much that we’d wait a day. As it was, at least 500m of it was uphill going over a bridge, conversely it was downhill on the way back, but I’d been a bit concerned that I couldn’t run uphill! 25 minutes non-stop running - think we were both quite pleased with ourselves! I guess you wonder why we’re continuing if we don’t like it, but it’s a challenge, it’s hard for us, so will feel brilliant once it’s completed!

Tintin drove today. We drove up and over the bridge we’d ran earlier - I’d think people were doing well if I saw them running up it! It’s another public holiday here in France. He drove for about 30 minutes to an Intermarche so we could have laundry day in the rain! Just two loads, and yay, clean bedding again! If I was rich (and not traveling in a moho! - it’s a luxury I’d like every night!). Only cost €14 this time! No more laundry whilst we’re away, have spare bedding, and enough of everything else - look forward to getting laundry done properly at home!

Roundabout art, sorry but it’s better than a washing machine
Roundabout art, sorry but it’s better than a washing machine

Had lunch in the carpark whilst waiting for the clothes to dry. Back to a long baguette today after all our rustic short ones - only 39c from the supermarket - how does anyone make a profit from that?! The supermarket closed at 12.30, so we were all by ourselves - again!

Tintin then drove for another 30 minutes to a Park4night place by the river Saône. Yes, we are all alone again! Would be lovely in good weather! Would have gone for a walk, but it has been heavy rain on and off all afternoon - so books have been read! Just off to make a chilli for tea...

Had a quote from Marquis for parts for our damaged front end, £1,350 + delivery.  So with labour added it will probably end up over £2,000 to repair.  A momentary lapse in concentration from the German lady ends up costing the insurance company quite a lot!  I wonder how long it will take Mobilvetta to send the bits?  On a positive note, I have to say how good Aviva have been, really easy, quick and efficient up to now.

Not a bad view if the sun would come out
Not a bad view if the sun would come out
So many A and B roads are patched, not Dave friendly.
So many A and B roads are patched, not Dave friendly.
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