June 25th, 2019

25.06.19 - Another birthday present book from Sarah finished yesterday. No shortage of choice for your holiday next week!

Was doing ok, until I woke during the night to realize I’d been bitten a couple of times by a rotten mosquito 🦟. A few more bumps come up during today. So many places for them to hide in a moho! I hate them with a passion - what is their purpose in life anyway...

Another short blog, devoid of many photos - it’s just all about driving to get closer to the ferry...

Tintin driving today. Went up the road and serviced Dave. Stopped off at the boulangerie. It’s from one extreme to the other. In Luxembourg, in one patisserie we had to put money into a machine to pay, so the staff didn’t touch money at all. At this one, she man handled our apple tart and madeleine, no gloves or tongs, just after taking money from the person in front. I even had to ask for some paper to wrap around the baguette (first time!).  Am I too hygiene conscious - or was she just a bit - bleurgh? Just think who has handled the money and what they’ve been doing! Suppose our immune system needs some different bugs to fight!  Tintin then drove 2-1/2 hours to Ypo-Camp just outside Rennes. Spent a few hours looking around an assortment of new and used mohos. 

Tree lined road so typical of France
Tree lined road so typical of France

Tintin said it’s a bit like Toy Story at Christmas, Woody waiting to see what new toys are bought - and will he still be favourite!

Dave is safe! We looked at lots of Carthagos - and thought we’d be - ooh - we want! However, they seem quite dark inside. The older versions have the better finish, and seem better quality - the new ones seem no better than Dave. There were a couple of Rapidos which we quite liked. Had a look in a few small vans - very cozy! A VW poptop Van was over €61,000! You could get a lot of moho for that money!

We have some grey screw covers from the outside that just fall off - when asked, the kind man there gave us a couple of replacements!

They are a Mobilvetta dealer, but there weren’t any - we asked - all sold! They only have two in Nantes! 

No photos of mohos, must have been too engrossed!

Tintin then drove for another 40 minutes or so, we now looking out over a lake at a Park4night place called St Aubin du Cormier - which will do nicely for the night. 

Dave’s Park for the night
Dave’s Park for the night

It feels like France is getting smaller and more closed in. We’re used to huge open vistas as far as we can see. Now there’s obviously still greenery, but lots more trees, and smaller fields. 

Also not much fun to be playing with the big boys on the motorways - busiest traffic we’ve seen for months! Busy time on the Rennes ring road.

There were some people feeding the swans and geese when we arrived - so lovely just to watch nature unfold in front of you! One of the black swans was definitely in a grump - and chased any duck on the receiving end of a piece of bread!

It was hot and sunny when watering up this morning and the further west we’ve come, the more overcast it’s become. When we first got out at 2pm to look at mohos I did think I should change from shorts and T-shirt, as maybe I’d be cold. Didn’t last long! Perhaps a thunderstorm is needed. It’s a little humid - but not too bad. At least there’s a slight breeze where we are now. 

Tintin washed down the windscreen this morning - doesn’t look like it now - this going on motorways lark - these bugs fly into us at speed...

On that note, we’ve still seen relatively little road kill in Europe in comparison with the UK. 

Hoping to get in a run around the lake tomorrow morning before it heats up too much. 

Our day of reckoning is coming closer - weigh in on Saturday morning. Will the exercise have been enough to compensate for all the nice food and alcohol we’ve allowed ourselves to eat! 

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