June 26th, 2019

26.06.19 - Cooked too much pasta, peas and sweet corn last night. So Googled whether it was safe for swans and ducks - it is. Only two of the black swans were interested - and ate all of it. 

After a good effort to eat our full bowls, we still felt too full, so decided to walk around the lake at about 9pm. Was lucky, the little grey cat came to see me briefly! Had a bit of a go on the kiddies playground, and was on the swing - and then suddenly a man was reeling in something quite big from the lake, so went to see. Eventually he hauled the carp out. The guy who caught the fish said he’d been fishing for a whole year, and it was his first catch. I’m still not convinced about the hobby. Yes, peaceful, out in nature - good time for thinking etc. BUT, how do ‘they’ know that the fish don’t feel pain because they’re cold blooded? If we had hooks in us, we’d know about it. Anyway, I digress! The fish weighed in at over 12 kilos, and was then carefully put back in the lake. Not a hobby I’m about to take up anytime soon, in fact - never!

It rained a little about 1am and I got up to close the hatches without disturbing sleeping beauty too much. It then rained heavily about 5am. In fact when we went for our run there were puddles everywhere, and the ground was quite soft. 

So we ran around and around the lake for 30 minutes - and no easier. I’m waiting for my runners ‘high’! Only ever experienced it once, when I felt I could run forever, and when we were talking about it this afternoon, realized it was probably over 30 years ago, LBC (life before children!). Tintin reckons the last time he ran for about 5km was even longer ago, when he was at Elizabeth College and doing cross country under duress! It was hot even at 7.30 ish this morning (about 20°), and took quite a while to cool off! I’ve spent decades avoiding getting unnecessarily hot and sweaty, now it’s every other day!

Spent a while planning where to go for our last couple of days in France. Still trying to avoid the really hot weather if possible. 

I drove for just over a hour, via a Carrefour Contact for some milk and bread 🥖to an Aire in Saint-André-des-Eaux. 

It’s a large area, too many mohos in the official place, but one or two mohos scattered around under trees - so that’s where we are too, trying to get some shade!

She ducked when I took the photo!
She ducked when I took the photo!

After lunch, bikes out and off along the tow path of the La Rance into Dinan. 

There were a whole lot of metal sculptures at a lock keeper’s house. 

Also saw a couple of sad looking donkeys. They could have been in the shade, but just stood in the sun, with flies all around their eyes...

We had many a slippery moment on our bikes - it must have rained far more than I thought - the path was mainly in the shade and squooshie! It’s the same where Dave is parked, when you step on the earth, water displaces around your foot! 

Stopped off just before Dinan at a place called Léhon. An unexpected find! Rode up a very steep path to where a Château used to be which is now just ruins, but with great views. 

Very steep, but we did manage to ride up it
Very steep, but we did manage to ride up it

Then went into the Abbey where someone was playing the organ - lovely respite from the heat briefly! I 

There was also an expo, so looked at some pretty amazing photos. Quaint old town, but full of life! Big swimming pool with children everywhere, kids canoeing on La Rance, some jumping from bridges into the water...

Once at the port in Dinan, stopped off and had a cool drink in the shade. 

Just near Dave there is a ‘beach’ - so went to have a look - and to paddle our hot feet for a while! Rode for just over 17 miles today.

Temperature on xcweather said it would be 28° in Dinan - felt hotter in the sun. Back at Dave and allegedly 35° inside. Not quite sure where the probe is - but you get the gist - too warm to be comfortable - so sat outside in a slight breeze!

Tintin is just reading on the Daily Mail that lots of schools in France are set to close, due to high temperatures and insufficient air conditioning!

Think we are going home at the right time. Looking forward to swimming in the cool sea! 

Some more photos from yesterday evening and today

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