September 14th, 2018

14 September - Herc’s birthday 😊

Happy birthday bestest son-in-law! Hope you had an awesome day!

We tried that running lark again this morning along the concrete seafront - with no one around! About 15 minutes, and definitely more running than walking. Maybe I need to find a free app to assist us... anyone can email me on with suggestions...actually, update - remember Jo at work talking about Strava, so have added app to my phone...

Topped up with diesel at Intermarche for €66.50. Tintin drove. Stopped off en route to buy a baguette - yes Herc - made up avec fromage et jambon!

Took about another hour to get to Les Sables-d’Olonne. Think we tried to get here many years ago with Jamie and Sarah, but was roasting hot, car at the time had no air conditioning, no parking, so we gave up! Today was a bit frustrating too. Were actually going to pay for an Aire, but it was full. Parked up nearby, and abandoned Dave and walked via the port to the beach! Le Grande Plage is 3km of lovely fine sand. Luckily there was a breeze so we sunbathed and read our books for a few hours. Not often you have to walk for about 5 minutes to get to the water! I went for a swim, maybe just a bit warmer than home, but it’s still the Atlantic! Tintin didn’t fancy going. It is a problem that when we go out we have our phones, money etc with us, and we don’t feel safe just leaving it all on the beach. We do have our waterproof bags, but they are more for when we just see a nice beach and take our keys with us.

Went to the tourist office and picked up some maps and information. There are a few Aires around here, but we expect them all to be full. Walking back to Dave we walked through a car park next to a marina where we think they start the Vendee Globe from (next one 8 November 2020). Found a small sign near where we were parked which said no waiting for camping cars - oops! There were a few others too, maybe waiting to get into the Aire. Anyway, we’re chancing it at the car park nearby. Spoke to another French couple who will sleep here in their Moho tonight too. They have also spoken to people in another Moho who slept here last night without any problems. Hope we don’t get woken up by the police and asked to move on! This place has 86,000 tourist beds - so fairly large! Ideally would like to stay here tomorrow and go riding and maybe out for lunch - but we’ll see!

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