September 15th, 2018

15 September

The lead picture above - we saw this on the beach and just thought it was a jelly fish but on closer inspection looks like spaghetti. Any ideas, send to

Well, we weren’t moved on - bonus! What’s not a bonus is that somehow overnight we’ve used 12GB of data! Tintin was downloading a series to watch, as we would lose our data, as it renews on 15th of each month. Think Tintin said he’d read it can take up to 72 hours before the data used registers, but we don’t think it’s been like that so far. Anyway, it was either that, or me adding the two apps for Strava and Couch to 5k. It’s the not knowing that’s annoying!

Spent the day out and about on our bikes, rode for nearly 24 miles. Rode through a wooded area to plage de Sauveterre. Some of the paths to ride on were quite deep sand, making for interesting riding! Lots of people body boarding, or surfing - swimming forbidden! Rode back an alternative route, and ate out at one of the many places along the seafront. Tintin has been waiting patiently to be able to order moules frites and wanted lunch out. I had a galette, and we shared half a litre of rose - €40. A small amount of alcohol at lunch time, plus hot sun - felt a bit strange!

Carried on riding until we were off our map! Came back towards Dave and stopped at a beach near Le Château D’Olonne and went for a dip. Wasn’t a swim, more of a cooling off! Just a few metres away there were quite big waves. I enjoyed, but I think Tintin just endured!

Anne, what are  these little sea birds below, please.

So many people out and about, such a difference from yesterday - Saturday and more people not at work, or do they visit here for the weekend?

And one for Phil
And one for Phil

We both feel a bit wind burnt now. Will push our luck and stay another night before moving slowly southwards tomorrow.

Mum, hope you’ve now managed to add us to your favourites!

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