May 6th, 2019

06.05.19 - Change of plans! Tintin was outside this morning and a Dutch man asked if we’d had a ticket too. Indeed we did - a fine for €20. Was a little bit of paper tucked under the windscreen wiper which I hadn’t even seen. It was from the Rathaus - the town hall, so official. The Dutch man had parked there before without any fines - thinks the signs are new. Tintin asked him whether he was going to pay, he said no! We’re undecided. We have a week to pay. Think it’s pretty unfair that the sign literally translated to residents only - but no mention of a fine...

So, with that we left incase we were confronted! Tintin just drove along the Rhine, trying to decide where to go next. Drove past a little castle in the river at Kaub. Wherever you look, there seems to be a castle!

Seems the only place we can park without paying is in supermarket carparks! Needed milk and bread, so popped into a Lidl - had a cup of tea - and tried to decide what to do next. 

It takes a surprisingly amount of time to do research. We decided the reason we enjoyed France (apart from the friendly people and the weather!) was the fact we had no agenda - we were just going towards Spain, and the route determined by looking through the Aires books. The only Aires book available for Germany, is in German - so we didn’t bother. We bought a huge Camperstop Europe book, but that’s really hard work without having maps open alongside. 

Google maps is our friend and then Tintin can have a look on Park4night or Camper Contact to see if there is parking available near a certain area. We thought we wanted to follow the Romantic Road - a scenic drive over 257 miles. From the starting location, our initial search for places to stay overnight wasn’t very successful - will try again later. 

For now, we’re in a proper, free official moho parking space in Rüsselsheim, which is only about 25km away from Frankfurt. 

As it wasn’t raining, took advantage of the weather and went for a ride along the cycle path for a round trip of about 14 miles. Not much to see, along the river Main now - still lots of barges. We’re in an industrial area - went past a huge Opal car factory driving in. We’re liking the graffiti we’ve seen in a few areas - colourful, and the artists must be talented to spray up close - and when seen from a distance, whatever they’re doing is all in proportion. 

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