November 6th, 2018

6 November

After tea last night, we watched the Strictly results, then went to bed to read our books (warmer!). Started raining about 20.30 - and carried on throughout most of today. Until you’ve lived in a moho, it’s difficult to describe how noisy heavy rain is! We may be fiberglass and not tin - but loud! Doesn’t even compare with being under Velux windows, because the distance is less! Nice to listen to when trying to get to sleep!

As usual, my husband drifted off to sleep in a matter of minutes. How I envy him! Before menopause I was like that too - and just took it for granted! What’s the much used phrase - ‘youth is wasted on the young’!...

We had to empty and fill Dave in the rain. Previous people had left a cable tie in order to keep the push button in for the water - good job, we could wait in Dave instead of getting wetter!

Tintin drove for about 90 minutes today. Went back to the garage and filled up with fuel, and bought a baguette.

Not very nice driving conditions on the dual carriageway in the wet. Just settled in behind lots of trucks. I’ve never really given too much thought to all the transport going on around the world. So many trucks and lorries in both directions from different countries. What a lonely and maybe boring job? Arrived at:

Roullet-Saint-Estephe - free

Another Aire just off the dual carriageway. After lunch, walked across the road to Ypo-camp - which has an assortment of new and old motorhomes for sale. Despite the light rain, spent a happy couple of hours comparing Dave with others! He has stood the test again! Even both the Burstners and Adrias, which we thought had a better finish than ours don’t really! We even had issues with the expensive Carthago! However, saw a Florium Black Pearl limited edition - looked quite nice, and had some good features. No price, so looked online when we got back - average is about £80,000. Dave is safe!

Tintin did see some better looking Fiat consoles, ours does squeak sometimes, despite him having taken it apart and cushioning with felt! What seems an obvious oversight in so many mohos is there is nowhere to hang your coats when you first get in - we use our hooks a lot! Bins are another thing that seem to be either in the door, or inside drawers - too much hassle - ours is in the ‘kitchen’ work surface in the corner - just where it’s needed when cooking!

It’s probably as most people say, there is no such thing as a perfect moho - we all want different things! However, we do like the layout of ours, just wish the overall finish was better quality.

Not liking these dark evenings, roll on Spring!

Sorry, nothing in the way of photos today - weather stopped play!

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