April 20th, 2019

20.04 - Very peaceful area last night, shame we were under street lighting - again! Seems to be a common theme! Must look before we park! We’re generally looking for the flattest space so we don’t need to go up on chocks. 

Tintin has downloaded lots of the series of Cuckoo, so each night we’re watching an episode before reading our books... I’ve just finished The Tattooist of Auschwitz, for those who don’t know it’s based on the true story of Lale Sokolov who survived. Very thought provoking. This along with our visits to WW1 cemeteries does make me wonder about visiting Germany!

Went for a walk around. Ha, no fête per se - the tents were up to provide food and drink for people having completed some kind of run or walk. Not really sure, my French isn’t good enough - and the lady in the boulangerie didn’t speak fluent enough English! Never mind!

Anor is a fairly small town, we liked the brick work at the top of houses - maybe unique to the area? We also liked the fact they are training square trees!

I like the square trees
I like the square trees
Spot Kay
Spot Kay

After our coffee/chocolate eclair (sadly this will have to stop!) to keep us going until lunchtime - I drove for about an hour to Rocroi. Another very pleasant drive with lots of patchwork fields to look at, ok road surfaces - and not too busy. 

This Aire is very pleasant, quite a few mohos. A lot of them on the grass area have their chairs and tables out - this apparently shouldn’t be allowed, but suited us to follow!

Rocroi aire
Rocroi aire

After lunch - yes a scrummy baguette, mine filled with cheese and tomato! we walked around the town. It is a star shaped fortress town and you can walk all around the ramparts. You can walk under some too in the dimly lit walkways. 

Lots of information at the tourist office. Have only looked now. Seems like we should have been out riding instead of sitting in the sunshine reading books and drinking too much alcohol. Oops! Always tomorrow!

The fair was set up, not many people there. Very different from ours, and very time consuming for the people, as most activities needed a carer to overview, ie  zorbing, the baby bouncer - but large scale, or the climbing wall of the lighthouse...

Managed to make a cauliflower cheese macaroni for tea - which was ok and filling, but think Tintin was a bit upset that the man next door rustled up what looked like steak and chips!

Think we both caught the sun a bit today, has been lovely - have to enjoy whilst we can, as forecasts for later next week are back to being colder again - let’s hope they’re wrong!

Rocroi main square
Rocroi main square
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