October 18th, 2019

18 October

Quick food last night, mashed potato and Heinz baked beans - what’s not to like!

Watched The Apprentice and the BBC2 one after. It’s a shame, I’d seen who got fired inadvertently when scrolling the Daily Mail - did make me watch more to see if it was justified!

OK night’s sleep, fairly noisy from early on this morning due to so much traffic nearby. Actually got up in the dark this morning at 7.30am. We’d had breakfast and showered by 9am so that the Belgian moho could leave. Quickly reversed back in the available space!

We then sat and had another cuppa. Was raining quite heavily, so just stayed in.

I’ve joined the Mobilvetta Facebook group, and spent ages going through peoples comments from months ago, and all the problems and some solutions. Is it good or bad that other people have issues with Marquis too?! Our initial problems with Dave seem insignificant in comparison with lots of people having a cracked front windscreen, or multiple people having leaking windows having to be totally replaced. Lots of people have the same problem with the gas oven, but hopefully a new thermo-couple will do the job?

It was about 11.30 before the rain eased off and we went to look at the medieval part of town.

The Romanesque cathedral of St Etienne (1117, 14th century facade) was the only really thing of note. It’s one of the oldest and largest domed churches in southwest France. The domes are 32m high and 18m in diameter and we’re painted in the 14th century.

Tintin didn’t take his camera because it was raining, and my photos don’t really show the contemporary stained glass windows which were only put in in 2013!

Had a further wander around, a thin building, a half-timbered house, a horrible sculpture (!), the purchase of the all important baguette - and back to Dave.

A French moho was parked up waiting for a space, and seemed delighted we were going to eat lunch and then depart!

As I wanted to see Rocamadour, I had to drive! Was about 90 minutes - fairly narrow and winding roads for quite a long while, but on the plus side - very little other traffic!

We’re parked up by the Château and are delighted that instead of paying €10, the carpark for mohos is free from 1 October!

Looking at the forecast, have decided to have a proper look tomorrow. We did venture out for a walk back to the viewpoint. Made my tummy feel strange to look down!

The tourist information office was open, picked up a map. They do have lifts up and down the cliff - very reasonable - €4.20 one way or €6.20 return. We’ll man up tomorrow - it’s only 216 steps!

Friendly cat by the tourist office, then a friendly old dog by the very expensive fuel station!

Had an audio chat with our daughter Sarah who is in London again for another CPD course. Hope wedding dress and bridesmaid’s shopping with Jade goes well tomorrow!

It’s late, haven’t cooked yet - but most important - there are five cats here! Delayed writing of blog! They must be feral, can’t touch them - but they look well cared for. Two slices of ham, some cheese and garlic sausage later - hope their tummies can cope - they certainly seemed very hungry. The grey one looks fairly large, so probably pregnant, whilst the ginger fluffy one is still very kitten like. Ah - if only I could take them all home! Think I need to start a cat sanctuary, or do some work with cats. An island in Greece was looking for a full time carer for lots of strays...

Anyway, forecast rain for 5pm didn’t happen, let’s hope it won’t be raining tomorrow.

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Picture of the trees really!
Picture of the trees really!
Where’s Kay driving!
Where’s Kay driving!
Top chef?
Top chef?
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