April 9th, 2019

08.04 - Spent the morning washing bedding and towels, and generally doing final cleaning up ready to leave our house and cats 🙁with Aimee and Tom for nearly three months. Condor Liberation departed on time at 13.40 and arrived in Poole about 16.30, after a very calm crossing. Surprised at how many noisy children there were! Condor are now selling Dead Man’s Fingers spiced rum (had before from Cornwall) - on offer for £12 for 70cl - lovely - bought two bottles! We were first off on our bikes, and after about 20 minutes made it to Marquis before they closed. Went to Tesco Express for a quick shop, then went on our bikes to Skate Fish and Chip shop (two medium portions for £4) - nice and crispy. Back in Dave for the night in our lovely industrial estate. Watched SAS, the celeb version on catch-up. 

09.04 - The industrial estate was fairly quiet overnight, came to life just before 5am. Marquis open at 08.30. Apart from the oven, everything else on the warranty list has now been completed - thank you Rob! We’re really happy with the work that Bill’s brother did on the join on the roof, and the paint job has finally been completed after two years!  We paid £234 for our habitation check, and left just before 09.30. Stopped off for a quick bit of lunch in a layby, and were down in Porthtowan four hours later after a very easy uncomplicated drive (well for me, as Martin was driving!) We’re staying with Jamie (our son) Bel and Jack for a little while. Jack has changed a lot since we saw him a couple of months ago!

Dave’s parking place for a week.
Dave’s parking place for a week.

Had our first Cornish pasty - has to be done! Went for a walk down to the beach and had an ice cream - because - well, why not!

Ice creams all round
Ice creams all round

Possibly won’t be blogging every day... but will keep you updated when we have different discoveries to share. 

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