October 27th, 2019

27 October 

Interesting food last night (?!) put the chicken pieces in a Patak’s lemon and coriander bake in the oven sauce, then added a pouch of brown basmati and wild rice when the chicken was cooked. It sort of worked, and was quite spicy! Shame about the baked on gunge on the dish which had to soak overnight. 

Peaceful carpark again last night, another moho pitched up in the dark and decided safety in numbers and parked alongside!

My first words to my husband this morning were apparently that he was an irksome little s*d! Another bad night’s sleep, and he asked how I was before I woke up properly! Heard over 3 hours of Seal! Anyway, one more sleep in Dave...

It was a drizzly, foggy sort of day. Tintin drove, about 3-1/2 - 4 hours in the end. We drove through Cholet, but not through choice! Today’s reason for closed main ring road around Cholet looked to be some kind of running race!

On a positive note, we did stop and I queued with about 8 others just to buy a baguette!

Stopped off on the motorway at an Aire for lunch, and now parked up at a Uexpress in Plerguer. It has about 8 proper moho spaces on tarmac, moho services, the supermarket is here, and a laundromat and fuel! And less than 30 minutes drive to St Malo. 

Also, opposite is a field with two friendly donkeys - bonus!

It’s very noticeably cooler, I suppose about maximum of 14°, but looks like St Malo won’t get above 7° tomorrow - heck, we’ll have to get out our warm coats for the first and only time this trip!

So Condor ferries is booked for tomorrow morning, and this is our last blog for this trip, and I guess our next trip won’t be until about April 2020!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading, if you have, please keep in touch! 

Just a few photos today as haven’t done anything apart from the drive.

U Express carpark
U Express carpark
Looks like it will go anywhere
Looks like it will go anywhere
Autumnal colours
Autumnal colours
Couple of nice dogs from last evening
Couple of nice dogs from last evening
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