October 24th, 2018

24 October

Well it didn’t rain for long, and we weren’t moved on! Plus, road noise became less frequent - and in between we could hear the ocean in the distance - and slept quite well.

Have discovered four things today - firstly, think we’re both happiest when we get out on our bikes, usually with no agenda of where to go. Secondly, in my mind my body is how it was life before children, stark reality comes when I see myself in a mirror, thirdly - Lidl make good custard tarts, and fourthly - do not inhale when riding past rubbish bins!

Cabo Carvoeiro
Cabo Carvoeiro

Pootled around on our bikes for about 10 miles this morning. Had wanted to go to Cabo Carvoeiro at the tip of the peninsular, with a lighthouse. Once again, beautiful scenery, waves crashing over rocks all the way around the 8km headland.

Popped into the tourist information and collected a map, have FOMO - so needed to check we hadn’t missed anything! Went into a Lidl on the way back for essentials like Greek yogurt, fruit, veg - and of course another bar of chocolate!

After lunch in Dave, walked across the road, and spent the afternoon sunbathing! Not bad considering the time of year. What’s also great, don’t feel the need for nasty suncream with chemicals, as the sun is warm - but not burning hot. Into people watching at the surf schools, and reading books - it’s really hard work this being retired lark!

We were going to move down to the marina, and maybe watch the fishing boats return, but decided we’re happy here for another night.

Has been about 25° today, but the lovely yellow sun ☀️ image on the weather forecast won’t be seen much in the coming week according to XCWeather - so making the most of it!

It’s Caroline’s birthday today - so hope you’ve had a brilliant day - and I’ll hold you to our messaging about meeting up when I’m back!

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