May 19th, 2019

19.05.19 - Last night, ate the rest of the beef casserole, then watched some more Victoria before bed - were quite tired. 

Very peaceful, free Park4night space on the outskirts of Landsberg am Lech. 

Walked into the town this morning - beautiful sunny weather, even though it was due to rain by early afternoon. 

Think this has been one of my favourite stops. It’s always lovely seeing moving water (River Lech) with colourful houses behind and a few church spires!

Being Sunday, the shops were closed - but that was almost better! Could still pick up a map - and the bakery was open! Place just had a nice atmosphere. 

The parish church was full! Went inside, and could smell and see the incense in the air. There was a confirmation going on, so we stayed and watched. 

Then we went for a walk through the Sandauer Gateway and walked all around the town until we reached The Bavaria Gateway. This was the town gateway from 1425. We paid our €1 each, and climbed to the top. Lovely views all around. Could just about see snow on the Alps. Wandered back down through the town, back to the bakery to pick up some rolls and cakes for later. 

Tintin fancied a beer, so we sat at high stools, overlooking the river Lech and the weir, sitting in the sunshine - and generally enjoying being alive!

Biker lady sat next to me had the same trainers as me, cleaner mind you!
Biker lady sat next to me had the same trainers as me, cleaner mind you!

After lunch, I drove. We gave Hohenfurch a miss, mainly due to lack of parking - and couldn’t really find anything worth going there for. Even trip advisor recommended places near there!

We tried to get to the town’s Stellplatz, but it was a barrier system - we didn’t want to park up, so left. Drove for about 30 minutes to Schongau and their Stellplatz. We emptied the loo cassette and grey water, but despite putting €2 - didn’t get any water out. There were lots of caravans, music etc, and some of the reviews had said that travellers parked up there. It didn’t feel nice or safe, so Schongau had to be missed. 

Tried to drive to Peiting, but stupid co-pilot sent us down some residential streets. Anyway, we found the actual right place, and the Germans next to us said their sat nav had sent them to exactly the same wrong place! 

We’re now in a bit of a quandary - parking and moho service places seem to be harder to find - and it’s due to rain heavily for a couple of days. 

As I type, we’ve heard thunder, and it’s now pouring down with rain - maybe it will clean the solar panels on the roof! Unless the forecast changes, it will be heavy rain until Thursday! Will have to find a supermarket, can’t have the chocolate supplies running out!

A few photos from today

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