October 3rd, 2018

3 October

Watched the film Red again last night! Enjoyable way to spend the evening. Despite a helicopter, freight trains and big lorries, we both slept quite well. Seems every time the Aires book says it will be noisy, we sleep better! Didn’t wake up till gone 8am. Struggle to imagine that not long ago I was getting up at 6am weekdays to go to work! It would be dark!

Was just wondering what to pack for lunch, when we heard lots of horn beeping. Tintin thought our bikes might have been in the way, was actually an old man in his van selling fresh bread and pastries. Lunch sorted!

Really windy today, needed extra top layers, little leggies can still cope though! On our way out of the car park we saw a man with his remote control large lawnmower - suppose if it was a sit on, he might fall off the hill!

That’s what I call a remote control toy.
That’s what I call a remote control toy.

Rode in and around Gijon. Went over to the old town where Tintin moored up over 40 years ago. Might have changed a bit! The picture of a ‘statue’ of a tree of bottles is made up of cider bottles, which is apparently popular in this region - sadly it was all in the shade.

In one of the squares in the old town there were loads of people with banners and chatting. Being nosy I asked a photographer what was going on. Was a protest from retired people about their pensions.

Sure that San Lorenzo beach would be beautiful on a calm day! Found a tourist office and decided we’d already seen enough of the old town. Tried some of the new town, but to be honest, wasn’t much fun riding in the traffic. Also there were so many traffic lights, gave up and went back to Dave.

I then drove for about 90 minutes to:

Ortiguera - N43°33.648’ W006°44.043’ - free

Described as motorhome nirvana, a clifftop Aire looking out to sea, right by the lighthouse. We were lucky as there are only 3 spaces by the service point, and 3 here by the lighthouse. Co-Pilot did his worst again - why when I’m driving?! He copes fine most of the time, but seems to like little lanes to get to final destination! Didn’t bother with his directions and followed the written instructions in the Aires book instead.

Went for a walk around, and down a very steep path to the fishing port. Well,  we could see some moorings, mad people must be out at sea. Rather them than us! There’s a lovely looking sandy cove near us, hopefully the wind will die down tonight and we can visit tomorrow morning!

You can see our view from our window, very peaceful - and a big change from the usual industrial car parks! We are being rocked by the wind, but it’s due to die down a bit overnight.

Not a bad view for our evening drink
Not a bad view for our evening drink
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