October 3rd, 2019

3 October 

Caught up on The Capture last night, you just can’t believe anything anymore! Also made a tasty risotto. 

Dave was lurching around in the wind last night - but despite that - a good night’s sleep had by both of us!

Yesterday was enjoyable, today - less so! Decided it was laundry day. After research Tintin drove to an Intermarché in Carpentras. The town had an unpleasant feel about it, busy, traffic lights everywhere, roadworks etc. 

The supermarket was no better, loads of cars, and not much space. The 8kg machine was in use for another 30 minutes, so decided we’d use the 18kg at twice the price -€8. There were French women wittering on, one telling me I don’t need to add washing powder - er - yes I know! Another asking if I was using the machine in use, and another hanging around wanting to use the machines. We washed one load, then Tintin drove about 3 miles out of town to another Intermarché. This was more like a laundry room. Dried all our whites and bedding, then did our dark load and dried that too. What a faff - took well over three hours and cost €16! So, to any of you at home complaining about having to do laundry - remember it could be far worse!

We then drove back to Sarrians in order to service Dave. Our drains were getting a bit smelly, so once empty, we used a dishwasher tablet and boiling water down the kitchen sink, and disinfectant down the other two - no bad smells now!

Tintin then drove to a carpark just by the Triumphal Arch of Orange. Parking was a bit dodgy, really only meant for cars, although we did fit - for me it just didn’t feel right. Hopped out and took some photos. Orange itself (population 30,000) doesn’t have much going for it according to my guide book “it looks positively unloved - so there’s no real reason to spend the night unless you have to”. The biggie is the ancient Roman theatre. However it’s €9.50 each - and undergoing an enormous preservation project - with lots of scaffolding in place until at least 2024.  Decided it would be better to pay to see the Pont du Gard!

Yet again, Tintin drove about another 10 minutes to a park4night place. When we arrived, firstly found out we couldn’t park where we should due to masses of low hanging trees. Also, a police car - with police dog, and two police motorbikes appeared and came towards a group of people and cars. Have no idea what it was all about, after a while the cars drove off, then the police - we’re back to be being Billy no mates - and decided to stay. We’re parked alongside a high hedge - which is great as today is so windy. Started off at about 10° or so, forecast to get to 18° - probably warmer, but wind chill made it feel quite cold!

Dave’s Park for the night
Dave’s Park for the night

All in all think Tintin drove for about 1-1/2 hours - saw a couple of interesting roundabouts...

We have seen a few low flying jets the last couple of days, not this low though!
We have seen a few low flying jets the last couple of days, not this low though!

The positives from today are we have clean bedding, towels, clothes etc - Dave is full of water and empty of waste - it’s nearly rum o’clock - and we have The Apprentice to watch tonight - and tomorrow is another day!

Few more photos from today - 

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