October 23rd, 2018

23 October

What a busy day! Using the free WiFi last night managed to get all our updates done!

We’re watching this really quite weird series called Da Vinci’s Demons, courtesy of Sam. Is it worth continuing Sam?! Quite a lot of nudity and violence!

We actually were packed up and left the car park before 10am! Have to allow time to have a cup of tea and breakfast in bed along with catching up with emails and of course the Daily Mail online when we have enough data! Then we both have to shower, and clean all floors every day - gets amazingly dusty!

Anyway, on with today! My driving day. Drove about 30 minutes and filled up with GPL again. Then onto Intermarche. We put our €4 in for a wash, but only showed €2, and wouldn’t return our money. Had to ask for assistance. A very nice man who spoke some English emptied all the money, but couldn’t get it to work. Allowed us to use the 18kg machine instead of the 8kg for the same price. Went shopping whilst waiting. Needed to stock up on rum! We’re now trying a 3 year old Havana Club which for some reason we haven’t tried before - absolutely fine! Same as all previous Intermarches, fruit and veg not worth buying! Whilst we waited another 30 minutes for the washing to dry, Tintin washed off some of the windows, as they were getting harder to see out of, especially with full sun, and lots of dead bugs! It was also full sunshine, and quite hot. Needed to do a white wash too, but didn’t want to hang around!

Whilst reading on free WiFi yesterday, read about a place called Óbidos - so drove about another hour to visit. Got lucky, went on toll road, but for some reason, no ticket machines - so nothing to pay!

Óbidos hilltop walled town
Óbidos hilltop walled town

Óbidos is a lovely hilltop historic centre, which has a labyrinth of cobbled stone streets, surrounded by a classic crenellated wall. The hilltop castle is now a luxurious ‘pousades’ - upmarket hotel. The layout was probably from The Moors era, dating back to 13th century. Until the 15th century it overlooked the sea, the town is now landlocked.

Strange toy soldiers having a battle on two walls, why, not sure on that one.

This is the place for the cherry liquor in chocolate! Called Ginja. €1 each for a shot! - Lovely 😊 Walked around as much of the high walls as we could. No health and safety here, just a small notice advising to watch where you’re walking and keep an eye on children! Lots of narrow streets, everywhere you turn there is something to see! We actually stopped off for a beer and coke under the shade of big old trees - up to about 28° today - and it felt it when not in the shade! Walked all through the touristy Main Street - then decided I’d like to buy a bottle of the cherry liquor, so had to go right back! The seller remembered us, and gave us a different one to try, which we bought as it tasted ‘smoother’. You could tell when another coach load of people had been dropped off - and this is more out of season! After a couple of hours, drove off towards Peniche.

Drove to another Intermarche which has a moho service station, potentially to sleep at, or do more washing. The tumble drier was out of action, couldn’t park without poking out, so Tintin emptied the loo, and we went looking for a place to sleep!

Are now parked up right opposite the main beach of Peniche (not official, and no other mohos here, but hopefully will be alright). Walked over the very soft, white sand dunes, and sat for about an hour watching the multiple surfers. Lovely conditions, lots of waves, but not the crashing down with big undertow type.

Strange weather, as I type - was a beautiful orange sky sunset to my left, but to my right, black sky - and it’s just starting off with thunder and lightening. The forecast only gave rain!

Cat sleeping behind the till in a shop
Cat sleeping behind the till in a shop
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