September 21st, 2018

21 September

Once again didn’t sleep particularly well, too hot - and full tummies! No hangover after a mixture of the cremant we’d bought at Sauveterre, a cocktail at the restaurant and then some Buzet wine 🍷...

We weren’t going to stay and interrupt Andy and Maggie any longer, but chatted away again, then it was 2pm - so had a quick lunch and said our goodbyes - and plan to meet up again in Guernsey 🇬🇬 before Christmas. What a small world, Maggie is Vicky’s Mum, and Vicky sometimes helps out Emma of Be Inspired yoga, who is our neighbour with the lovely Bazza! 😊

I drove to Nérac - N44°08.040’ E000°20.134’ - free

Only took about 20 minutes. We’re in a large car park, but close to medieval town. Went for walk. The Henry IV castle is closed until next year! Walked into the old town. Lovely big old church, stained glass was very colourful.

The old town
The old town

On way back there were signs for a chocolatier, so had to visit. Smell was divine! Were given a sample to try, and could watch them work behind the glass. Chocolates were very expensive, so just bought the minimum size bar for €2. Turns out it’s like milky bar on orange steroids! But very nice! Also noticed a sign after we’d paid that photos were forbidden - oops!

The forecast gave rain, and it has been overcast for most of the day, but still about 28°. Looking ominous now - and can rain as we’re back in Dave for the night!

Still don’t really know where to go next. When we look at Aires going down towards Biarritz it’s a bit off putting as you pay for them all, the book says there is unlikely to be space, and they are noisy! Decisions, decisions!

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