May 25th, 2019

25.05.19 - Lovely being able to have the overhead blinds and windows open last night. Not so good at 05.30 this morning with light pouring in!

Went walking for an hour or so in the forest right on our doorstep. Saw lots of goats being very frisky! They kept battling with their horns - don’t know if it was young play fighting, or mating season - or just silly season! 

Also discovered a little cat curled up on a chopped down tree stump - in the middle of nowhere - was very friendly too. And as if that wasn’t enough in my cat deprived state, when we were walking back - a black cat with tail up came straight towards us! Lovely, can’t beat friendly animals!

Just came across this cat asleep on the edge of the forest
Just came across this cat asleep on the edge of the forest

Yesterday we were thwarted by water when riding - today it was out walking. Had managed a soggy bit of the track without getting our shoes too muddy - then crossed over a stream on an iron girder - only to find it was waterlogged beyond, so had to turn back. 

A question for you - why do they put little orange tags on new trees? Not much use for identification once the trees have shot up? To stop people trampling on them? (Shouldn’t be walking there anyway!). Answers appreciated!( Was lovely to see the new growth on the trees, a lovely limey colour. 

Tintin drove again, only about 20 minutes. We’re parked up in another bit of forest in a carpark that’s nearly deserted, but about 15 minutes bike ride away from Lindau island (near Lake Constance). That’s on the agenda for tomorrow as rain was forecast for this afternoon, but wasn’t really heavy until about 4.30. 

Before it rained - was haircut day again for Tintin - even if I say so myself - not bad, although his hairdresser probably wouldn’t agree!

Just read our books this afternoon. Tintin is reading a murder mystery I’ve already read, and keeps guessing at the outcome. He has been known to read the last page during reading - such a crime - I wouldn’t want to spoil it!

We both put photos on Instagram most days if you’re interested - ‘’ and dumont_kay. 

Status quo resumed - pouring with rain, but at least it’s not as cold. 

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