June 3rd, 2019

03.06.19 - By about 8.30pm last night, thought it would be cool enough for a quick walk. Was still really hot! Vines just everywhere, new and old. It looks like such hard work! The sun was setting about 9.15pm, but even at 10pm the horizon still looked a pretty pinky orange. My camera certainly didn’t do it justice but Tintin’s wasn’t bad.

Tintin has caught up with me, and reduced the tog weight of his duvet. It was still warm last night - a wet flannel to cool the body by evaporation seems to work quite well!

We didn’t go running this morning, knew it would be 25 minutes non-stop - and we were on top of hills! Plus, gives my back another day to be as good as new!

Tintin drove - about 50 minutes. First Lidl, as we needed more water and coke, and to get our deposits back on empty bottles before leaving Germany. 

So, we’re back in France, just a little way out of Colmar. It was noticeable that the road surfaces weren’t as good, and the speed is 80km instead of 100km (or  what you want on a motorway!)

That’s what the Germans call France
That’s what the Germans call France
Our parking spot next to the canal
Our parking spot next to the canal

Quick lunch, then bike ride of about 15 minutes into Colmar. We knew we’d been here before on a cycling holiday a few years ago, and both remembered the town as soon as we were near the centre. Last time we had lunch out, and sat and ate a strawberry tart by Little Venice (we took photos of ourselves in the same spot to compare when we’re home!) and I remembered a shop with The Adventures of Tintin in the window - it’s still there! Our minds are wonderful things - doesn’t take much to triggers lots of memories!

Little Venice
Little Venice

As it happens, this visit was very different! We heard thunder, and in due course - there was a deluge of water! We managed to shelter from most of it. It was still really hot, so didn’t want to wear our coats. I know, such difficult problems!

The start of the heavy downpour
The start of the heavy downpour

As we’d seen Colmar before, and because the weather still looked iffy, we high tailed it back to Dave. 

Had a few showers this afternoon, but generally cloudy, but warm. 

So, all of France to choose from. If any of you have ideas of where to go that you’ve enjoyed - please let us know! ( 

More pics of Colmar

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