June 7th, 2019

07.06.19 - Had a peaceful night in Thann, lovely sound of rushing water, no overhead street lighting, and cooler!

We do love to people watch - there was a French moho next to us - it must have taken the lady quite a few minutes to get inside - she had to take off and change shoes, use a little brush to clean off said shoes - what a palaver! Her husband came back a little after her, obviously really well trained - shoes off, all traces of dirt brushed away! Life is too short for that hassle - we just brush up inside everyday anyway! Having said that, once we’re parked up, we don’t wear shoes inside!

Instead of the walk around the town, decided to take a 20 minute walk up to Engelbourg Castle. It was built in 1224 by Count Frederic II of Ferette to guard the entrance to Thur Valley. It was severely damaged a few centuries later during the Thirty Years' War and destroyed on the orders of Louis XIV in 1673, when its strategic role was no longer valid. The main tower broke into several sections. The main part fell on its side looking towards the town of Thann, and this is what is called the Witch's Eye, as it seems to stare at the roofs in the village and off into the horizon. There is a magnificent panorama over the valley, the collegiate church and the town of Thann - and weather allowed us to see it today!

The Witches Eye is quite large!
The Witches Eye is quite large!
Goats on the edge
Goats on the edge

Just our luck, group of children visiting. When we were leaving, a young male teacher asked if we’d like four of the naughty children! What a job being a teacher! They deserve a good salary! He was very pleasant, apologizing for them, but also saying they were nice children - probably hungry! He also said that in France, June is the month for all schools to have outings!

We also spoke with a lovely family up there who were in the moho next to us. They come from Switzerland, speak mainly Swiss-German - not much English - then proceeded to have a lengthy chat! Our saying we speak a little French doesn’t compare! Does make me feel lazy that I haven’t mastered another language. We ‘get by’ - but can’t have conversations! Anyway, he said there are no Aires in Switzerland, have to use campsites or Park4night. Also, on the toll roads in France, the price is done by height rather than weight - and as his moho is over 3m high, it’s the most expensive toll roads in Europe for him. We would be okay as we’re only 2.9m high - not that we tend go on toll roads!

So much stone carving
So much stone carving
We caught a teddy bear sunbathing
We caught a teddy bear sunbathing

Spent about an hour out walking, then went into town to buy a baguette for lunch. 

Tintin driving today - about an hour in total. First went to E.Leclerc in Cernay and filled up with LPG and diesel. The LPG had lasted about two weeks. Was glad Tintin was driving - it was so tight to get past the paying booth. Even the lady came out and made the car behind reverse up out the way! Dave’s earring got a bit squidged, but is ok!

Then into main supermarket. Think I’m over such big stores! It’s just overwhelming - you can just buy anything you can think of for gardens, homes, people and pets!

Then drove to Belfort Aire to empty loo cassette and water. Looked horrible - just lots of mohos all parked up close to each other. Has a population of 55,000, so fairly large. Not enjoyable driving through - busy!

We’re now at a random carpark ready for tomorrow - right on the cycle paths, and there are lots of lakes around here. 

Weather wise, has been much warmer than forecast, overcast now and windy with strong gusts. 

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