October 22nd, 2018

22 October

After food last night (fresh tagliatelle with broccoli and pesto if you need to know!) I was so hot, went for a walk in the dark. Counted over 30 mohos and gave up! There were also lots of dogs roaming around, perhaps strays looking for food?

Neither of us slept particularly well, at least we could listen to the ocean! Struggle to understand why all car parks have such good street lighting which stays on all night, especially when the economy is not supposed to be good!

Tintin driving, decided we’d go on the manual toll road today, saved about an hour driving time, however it cost nearly €10 for about 40 minutes on the toll road! Arrived at:

Nazaré - free - not an Aire, so no services

We drove along past the marina and along the sea front, and were looking down a side street - saw a few mohos parked up, so drove around until we found them. We are parked in a car park opposite, as there wasn’t any space. We’re very close to the beach! It’s amazing how where one moho is, others will follow! Safety in numbers and all that!

Might need to mention my husband seems to have an obsession for Renault 4s!

After lunch, we went walking. Lovely sea front, lots of restaurants, the tourist shops over here sell the ordinary ‘tat’, but some cork bags/purses and some of the rugs to scarfs look quite good! There is a funicular up to another town at the top of the cliff. People often come here for the surfing - not today!

Spent ages walking all along the beach, dodging the waves. I really wanted to go in, but chickened out. It looked ok, then a few huge waves with massive undertow came in... Tintin had read recently about a man just paddling who was swept out by huge wave and subsequently drowned - so I suppose that was on my mind too!

Along the front there are old ladies selling dried fish. All the drying racks are behind them. Smelt nearly as bad as the salted cod in the supermarkets - only better because of the fresh air!

On the way back, went to the pastelerie and bought two big doughnuts for €2. They were huge and we were being piggies, one between us would have been enough!

Bonus, we are using Nazaré guest free WiFi! Good for research for that daily question of where to next! Have found a place that sells cherry liquor in chocolate cups - sounds like my kind of place!

I’m still amazed that in our seven weeks away we haven’t ever been bothered by anyone! Easy to see how people can go incognito!

Mum and Norma should be back from their travels today - hope it all went ok and will speak soon!

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