April 21st, 2019

21.04.19 - Lovely peaceful night. Nothing better than no overhead lighting - can just have the hatch open, looking at stars whilst trying to sleep!

Thought about getting up early to do some yoga, but sadly that was all it was today - thought!

In the morning we rode into town, and queued for quite a while at the boulangerie. Think the French take Easter quite seriously considering the number of people queuing up and waiting for their big boxes of pre-ordered something. I presume some special Easter cake!

We then followed a map we’d picked up - Le circuit du lac - which was 36km and should take 2h 30.

Not sure I’ve ever ridden down a hill for as long! Probably 2 miles - going 25mph! However, for every down - there is an up!

Rode around La lac des Vieilles-Forges - it’s huge! Not much going on today, people fishing, but no sailing boats out. Trees everywhere! 

On one particularly long drawn out uphill we stopped, and ate an emergency ration of apple turnover which I’d bought earlier on! Gave us the energy to carry on! Sadly, even after 23 miles of riding, all the good was probably outweighed by the food!

After lunch, packed up and set off for a highlighted Aire. It is free, on the Meuse river with only 5 spaces - and we were feeling lucky. 

Tintin drove today, about an hour - and chose to go on smaller roads, very up and down and a bit windy - through forests - very pretty. 

So much for feelings - Aire was full! However, en route we’d spotted some mohos parked alongside the other side of the river about 10 minutes drive away. Out of 20 spaces, only 2 left, so we nabbed one. It’s €4.80 for the night.  

Basically spent the afternoon reading, and looking out over a wonderful view! Have to pinch ourselves, and keep saying it’s a tough life!

We saw a swan take off, and land. Never appreciated how noisy the sound of their wings are! Also, when paddling - we thought one had a broken leg as it was on his back behind him. Then the other appeared, doing the same. Maybe they steer with one ‘paddle’ and give the other one a rest? Answers please!

Beautiful, warm sunny weather again today. 

We’ve arrived by accident in a place called Monthermé - a good accident! It’s amusing that the church opposite sounds like ‘Three Blind Mice’ every quarter of an hour! And we’ve just had an ice-cream van go past blasting out ‘La Cucaracha’!

Think this is possibly the first Easter I’ve been away from home. Also possibly the first Easter Sunday in a long while that I haven’t had chocolate for breakfast! We bought a Terry’s chocolate orange (thinking of you Herc!) in the UK - so looking forward to that tonight!

Tomorrow - don’t know where we’re going - no plans made!

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