May 31st, 2019

31.05.19 - We watched the first two episodes of Gentlemen Jack last night - a bit weird! No hangover, but I didn’t sleep well (me the problem, not the location!) - and feel empathy for Mum, as I’ve twinged my lower back somehow! 

This morning, rode up to the bakers - yet another fat frau who seems to have lost the ability to smile 😊(plus the one danish was about the driest, least tasty to date - not worth the calories). 

Packed our lunch, and off we went. No where in particular, just following the cycle path downwards. About 13 miles today on mixture of cycle paths, some tarmac, but most gravel/stone dust kind of thing - from town to town via paths. 

We went past a whole load of trees being sprayed - are they seasoning it somehow so it doesn’t dry out?

Stopped on the path, just to listen - the sound of the cicadas was so noisy, along with birdsong - lovely!

Had lunch by a children’s play area, sheep in front and a lovely view up the hills to a church on the top. Thought the ride back would feel mostly uphill, but with the batteries - was fine!

Packed up and left Utzenfeld, me driving today. Tintin is the whizz at programming co-pilot, so he’d found a stellplatz about 10 minutes away (just to empty the loo today), then topped up with diesel on the way. Getting more expensive - must be closer to France! Drove just over an hour, and now parked up near Märkt, on the German side of the Rhine, looking across to France!

The weather was still a bit chilly riding earlier, but here - we put the chairs out to sit and read - but needed to be in the shade because it’s hot! Yes, you heard correctly! Been a longtime coming, but perhaps better weather is here?

There are people fishing, having BBQs, using the cycle path and just being out in the fresh air - along with multiple pigeons!

Sunshine at last
Sunshine at last
The weir in the Rhine, ships travel the other side in Canal d’Alsace
The weir in the Rhine, ships travel the other side in Canal d’Alsace

Yesterday, I said I wasn’t going to have any alcohol today - just to see if it made running any easier the following morning. Well, that was yesterday, my excuse today is maybe it’s needed for medicinal purposes to relax my back muscles! I don’t think we’re alcoholics - at home we’re not like this! Easy habit to slip into!

We’re deciding where to go next - we could cross into France and ride into Switzerland (Basel), but more likely we’ll carry on in Germany as we did a cycle holiday a few years ago fairly near here and visited Colmar, Freiburg and Strasbourg etc - and was a good holiday with lovely places to visit. I’d tell you more, but we’re sadly back on only 2G, and my patience won’t allow me to Google...

We’d then cross the Rhine, and be back in France - and who knows? At least it won’t be long until I can get my teeth into a tasty baguette - had too much of the dense rye and seeded bread for a while!

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