October 4th, 2018

4 October

Wind died down, couldn’t believe the absolute silence! Went to bed, thinking it would be dark too, hadn’t factored in the lighthouse!

The offending lighthouse, wasn’t really bright at our level
The offending lighthouse, wasn’t really bright at our level

Well, 32 years ago today I was out for the evening at the Fermain Tavern with my friend Nessa, and met my husband to be! His chat up line still amuses me - he asked me what I was like out on the wire - he needed crew for sailing the next day! We did go dingy sailing, but not the next day!

Feel a bit smug, but here goes, back in 1986 (good year eh Herc!) went with a gut feeling that he was ‘the one’, he moved in with me the same year, we got kittens, I proposed to him in 1988, married in 1989, had two healthy children, both of whom are now happily married too. Found the man I want to grow old (older!) with!

Anyway, on with the day! Beautiful waking up to sunrise about 8am. Took some photos out the bedroom hatch! Was so peaceful, spent the morning pottering about, put some more washing in, Tintin cleaned the outside windows whilst I cleaned inside a bit more thoroughly. We’re amazed at how dusty Dave gets, has to be swept out every day!

Just eat the banana so I can dump the skin!
Just eat the banana so I can dump the skin!
Nearly deserted beach
Nearly deserted beach

On a positive note, Jamie has now sorted out our email address. Anyone who wants to contact us can at: Also, if anyone wants to see any photos properly, then you can click on them to enlarge.

Tintin has spent more of his life on a chat with Vodafone. Last night we turned on the Mifi unit again, it jumped over 20GB! Vodafone have confirmed we still have 9GB of data on our unit. Can only assume the readings on it are pointless! Tintin has also set up an alarm warning, and we can’t go over the allowable usage. We’ll see!

Tintin also had his hair cut by me! Was sat outside Dave, using the clippers, did get a strange look from the Germans by us, but he gesticulated it wasn’t a problem for him, as he was bald! James, should have asked Nathan for top tips! Sure his hairdresser will ask him what happened when he’s home in Guernsey!, personally, think it’s much better 😊

Tintin drove, stopped off for fuel again - before driving nearly two hours to Lugo. Was lovely, didn’t go on motorway, but the scenic route. One of the best parts for me was that for miles and miles, could smell Eucalyptus from all the trees. However, when we finally arrived, the fair was setting up at the parking space, so couldn’t stay there! Really irritating, as Lugo has one of the worlds best preserved heritage sites. The Roman walls totally enclose the old city, is 2.2km around the perimeter. Never mind, will have to visit tomorrow...

We entered co-ordinates for another place, but took a wrong turning soon after. Tintin decided it was fate, so we’re ‘wild camping’ for the first time. There is an old moho parked up, and we’re parked alongside. We sorted washing, and hung it outside, not obvious or anything! The car park was dead a few hours ago, now it’s packed! It has been over 30°, so spent the afternoon inside with the fan going! Needless to say, washing dried super quick!

Ventured out for a walk about 6pm, and now celebrating our anniversary of meeting with the second bottle of Cremant we bought (what seems like ages ago at Sauveterre). Tintin has just toasted to the next 32 years, he will be 95 - but it’s possible!

Think it might be noisy, as far up on the hill we can see the fair trying out it’s rides and hear the loudspeaker. 

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