June 18th, 2019

18.06.19 - The Germans on a canal boat were chatting for ages after we’d gone to bed last night - but slept ok in the end. Still using Lavender essential oil on my pillow - and honestly believe it helps!

So, this is our final week of running in terms of completing the challenge. Week 9, run 1 - done ✅. Was 30 minutes of nonstop running today. Was on the towpath, so flat. It’s strange, we had words of encouragement from Jo (on the app) every 5 minutes today, yet last week doing 28 minutes it was after 5 minutes, then halfway!

Well we completed it. Neither of us feel like it’s 5km (having driven that in Dave and seen how far we went!) my app on my phone said it was 5.1km - including the warm up/cool down walk. However, Tintin thinks it was only about 4km from looking at Google maps. Will have to measure 5km properly once we’re home!

I drove today, don’t know for how long, probably a couple of hours. First went to an Auchan to go shopping as it was on the way. Just thought we’d try a different supermarket. Think we’re indifferent about the experience!

Then drove to another place on the way so we could service Dave. A mixture of road surfaces, some really quite smooth for little minor roads - but the 30km speed limit in some towns with huge bumps gets a bit tiring!

Sorry, lack of photos today. Just saw these yellow lamps, well out of character
Sorry, lack of photos today. Just saw these yellow lamps, well out of character

We are now next to Canal Latéral à la Loire in Léré, which is in central France, and we crossed over the Loire. There’s parking for 4 mohos, but a Belgium van came and parked on the gravel right alongside the canal and set out their chairs and table, and then a French van parked up in front of them even closer to the canal. They’re now all chinwagging like they’ve known each other for ever and cooking a BBQ!

I was asking Tintin if we’d turned up and there was no official space, would we have done the same, or driven off? Don’t know!

We’ve been sat outside all afternoon, yes reading books again. Reading a Jodi Picoult - her books are always thought provoking. Very few boats coming past. 

Our gadget in Dave has the inside temperature as 35°, and outside as 30°. It’s been overcast all day, and for that we’re grateful!

We bought some cider today, it was only 2° proof - is that classed as alcohol? We’re stocked up on chocolate for a while - relief! It’s quite strange, we must be going home soon, the milk is dated best before after we get home!

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