September 29th, 2018

29 September

Not sure there are sufficient words to describe how irritated we were last night! Not with each other! Had just watched another episode of Killing Eve before bed, so was feeling quite murdery - and not directed at my husband! There was this odious ‘big’ little man holding court with a very loud voice and a lot to say. We’d heard him when we first arrived, he looked like a hobo, and was either chatting loudly with people, or on his phone. Due credit, he was like an ever ready/Duracell battery still at 11pm! At one point Tintin was my periscope, and stuck his head out of bedroom roof hatch to see what was going on. Just congregations of noisy people, don’t think they were particularly drunk. If that wasn’t bad enough, we’d joked about sleeping under street lighting, but weren’t parked under any - about 10pm, the whole area became floodlit, and stayed on all night! At midnight the bells were noisy (husband of course didn’t hear them!) Another bad night’s sleep.

Next mornings meeting
Next mornings meeting

Anyway, as we hadn’t been running for over a week, and I thought my Achilles tendon had healed, decided to go for a run. Used the free NHS app, with Jo Whiley encouraging us. Heart and lungs wise we were both fine, however my left ankle is not! Shouldn’t have done it, and suffered all day! Think I will have to give up, very irritating...

Tintin drove, we knew it would be a windy road having looked at the map. Took about 1-1/2 hours. Multiple cyclists, thankfully no other mohos, lots of motorbikes, some cars, and even pedestrians on the road. Tintin did well, some corners weren’t even corner shaped, and quite tight going around very tight bends and not too much space at times!

Passed through Deba, Mutriku, Berriatua, Ondarroa, Mendexa and arrived at:

Lekeitio - N43°21.505’ W002°30.459’ - free

Described as a nicely designed Aire, but parking is sloping. Town and beach 1km away. There was only one space left, right next to the service point, but better than no park. Book does say over subscription is not permitted, and police move on mohos not in a designated space - so we were lucky! We have seen more police in Basque Country in the last couple of days in comparison with three weeks in France!

We walked (or hobbled, slowly in my case!) into town. Watched a group of people playing guitars and singing. Wanted to try Pintxos (tapas), so found a place along the seafront. You just help yourself from a choice at the bar, both of us had Spanish omelette on bread with a glass of rose wine. Then decided we’d eat the set menu. Was €16 each, started off with avocado salad, personally was disappointed it was topped with lots of tuna! Then I had grilled cod, and Tintin had grilled sole. Followed by a lovely carrot cake for me, and cheesecake for Tintin, plus a whole bottle of rose! When we came to pay, they hadn’t charged for the pintxos, so we left a tip! There were people queuing to eat about 2.30ish. We didn’t leave till about 4pm. Slow walk for a look around. Walked down to the sea, as thought cold water might help. Surprise - was warm enough that even Tintin wanted to go for a dip! Very pleasant. Got dressed and just people watched whilst sat on the beach. Good temperature, warm in the shade, not too hot in sun, and didn’t feel the need for sun cream. Nice looking out on the small island Garraitz at entrance to bay.

Was very pretty driving the scenic route around the coast, but think most of the places are very similar, all have origins of fishing ports for whale hunting, but now just fishing! Saturday very much a family day, and was really busy - but it may be every day too!

We must have been bad in a previous life! We’ve now got the family from hell near us. The mother is like a fisher woman, frequently yelling at her kids. Hope they all go to sleep early tonight, but doubt it. Herc might be right, we’re travelling with gypsies!

Parking Basque style
Parking Basque style

In France everyone was friendly and we all said bonjour to each other, here most times if you smile at someone - all you get back is a scowl! Maybe it’s just Basque area, and the Spanish will be more friendly 😊

I’m really sad 😞 - didn’t win the Hope for a Child Summer Lottery! - or even any prize for that matter - but heyho, good charity to donate to!

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