September 14th, 2019

14 September - Happy Birthday Herc! 🎁🎈🎂🎉 

So, the youths arrived about 11pm as we were going to bed. Loud, booming rap music and loud shouting continued until nearly 3am. Not impressed - they were parked really close. Weren’t brave enough to ask them to keep the noise down - there were a lot of them - and you just never know what kind of reaction you’ll get. Some reviews had said that the area was noisy on weekends - and others had a peaceful night - we were just unlucky. 

My bites are now big, red and angry - about a dozen of them - just hope they don’t irritate me for too many days!

Had a quick walk around the lighthouse area, then I drove today.  We were aiming for a supermarket about 50 minutes away - took over 90 minutes. So much traffic! Drove through Cannes - again - rubbish roads with pot holes, stop start with so many traffic lights and roundabouts - couldn’t wait to escape Cannes - and that was without seeing it!

So much traffic
So much traffic

Tintin had found cheaper fuel en route at Géant Casino supermarket - so huge - struggled to find the in and out! Sadly he used the super diesel by mistake - but still cheaper than usual. Once again, really tight to get into the fuel pumps - about an inch either side. 

I love shopping!
I love shopping!

We really don’t like huge supermarkets, especially when we didn’t need much! However, we wanted certain batteries for our alarm fobs which aren’t working as well - but they didn’t have the right size!

Part of my drive was along the Corniche de L’Esterel, aka Corniche D’Or - Golden Coast. Our book describes the drive along tortuous, narrow road skirts through sparsely built areas. Um! Narrow in places - yes! All along there were cars parked along the roadside, so I didn’t really hold out much hope for the park4night carpark having any space. I should have more faith! We’re parked up looking out over the beautiful red rocks, with the Mediterranean in the background. The colour reminds me of Cobo, but a bit deeper in colour. 

Our view
Our view
Small beach along the road for a swim tomorrow
Small beach along the road for a swim tomorrow

Another hot day, went for a quick walk along the road to see where we can access the water tomorrow for a swim. A friendly lady from Canada has spent a couple of nights here, and said it’s really peaceful - so here’s hoping!

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