September 18th, 2019

18 September 

Last night, after pasta - decided it was cool enough to make another batch of granola. Truth was, we ran out a couple of days ago, and had bought some ready made as I couldn’t face cooking in the heat of Dave. The first day of eating shop bought stuff I was delighted - it had lots of chocolate pieces - yum! However, it’s just sugary rubbish, which didn’t keep us filled up! Joy of joys - for the first time, the oven didn’t go out once whilst cooking it - and we now have a full container of granola made with oats, pecans, almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, butter, maple syrup with some ground ginger and cinnamon - much better!

Lovely peaceful night’s sleep - again. 

This morning we went for a swim, thinking it would be our last before leaving here. Came back to Dave and once again, did more research, and couldn’t really find anywhere we wanted to go. 

Avocado salad in Dave for lunch - and yes - down to the beach again until the sun disappeared! It was due to be overcast today, and it has been a bit - but perfect for us as we’re usually under the umbrella for a bit of shade anyway! Despite that, we’ve both caught the sun a bit today - factor 30 not up to the job!

Third day in a row for rum and coke on the beach - I could seriously get used to this 😊

Washing the steel pints after drinkies time!
Washing the steel pints after drinkies time!

If I ever got back into doing my ‘mindfulness’ - then this beach/sea would be up there as my happy place!

Tintin has done really well with swimming - he always puts himself down and says he can’t swim very well - but think he has surprised himself with how far he’s managed! The warm clean sea helps!

Home made spag bol for tea - then that looming question again of ‘where do we go next’! - maybe time for one last swim tomorrow morning...

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