September 17th, 2019

17 September 

Simple blog to write, not much to report!

We haven’t moved on, just spent the day down at the lovely beach. Warm water, swimming, diving off the floating platform, reading books and then drinking rum and coke as the sun left our space. For those of you not having a good day - sorry to say that’s it’s been lovely here. I’d almost go as far as saying some of the best swimming ever - the water was just as warm and even clearer and cleaner than Skiathos in Greece (which is my high benchmark!)

The sand is nothing like I’ve seen before - just looks like everything is coated in glitter - pretty - but difficult to clean off - sticks like glue!

This morning we spent some time trying to decide where to go next, read Our Bumble’s blog from when they were roughly in this area years ago - they had mixed reviews too, from being broken into, moved on, not finding anywhere to park - to having some brilliant days. After all the research, staying put seemed the best option - defer difficult decisions to another day! Also, think today may be the last really sunny day, looking more overcast here for a few days - which wouldn’t be a problem either!

Pizza van just metres away, but we’re having pasta tonight.
Pizza van just metres away, but we’re having pasta tonight.
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